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Hi I'm Leanne. keeper of the blog, wife, mother, herbalist and clinical naturopath.

The Cottage Tails blog has been an eclectic journal of a maybe not so typical family living in New Zealand, and also the cats staying at Cottage Tails Farm Stay.  

I started blogging like most bloggers do - so friends that lived overseas could see what we had been up to while we homeschooled and it has morphed into all different kinds of things. 

I'm currently having a gap year as study has finished and our children are both living their own lives, the flavour of the blog is once again changing... as we all move into a new phase of life.

I'm not sure how blogging will pan out... I've a few ideas floating about and also want to try a few new things.. But for now, typically you will find me blogging about living off our 3 acres, growing our vegetables organically and collecting fruit and nuts from our orchard. I do hope to share with you my herbal and naturopathic knowledge too.

 We have quite the menagerie and I've introduced them all in their own page

 I enjoy many hobbies, quilting, knitting, stitching, movies and enjoy listening to audiobooks while I do craft work or garden. 

Brent restored his Ford F1 pickup truck and we have plans to travel New Zealand in it in the next few years. For now we are doing little day trips.

Renovation of the 1900 villa is getting close and I will blog about the makeover as it happens.

 I used to breed Burmese and Mandalay cats for a hobby and now I have them all back as boarders.

                                                  ..... Not just ANY cat can stay here.

Often I'm asked by readers if their cat can come and stay. The answer depends... firstly this is a hobby, not a business and we only have a few runs. But if your cat is cherished, pampered (or your friend does)  then make contact with Leanne. The cattery has its own Facebook Group. 
I invite you to join the Facebook Group - Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats and also share the Group with friends and family so they too can see your cat while staying.

 Please feel free to also join if you just enjoy seeing photos of the cats.

Our family is totally engaged with the rhythms of nature. We stay in tune with the seasons, the phases of the Moon and we celebrate The Wheel of the Year. We embrace a minimalist lifestyle, eat to the seasons from our land as much as possible. Follow organic gardening and gardening by the moon principals for our large organic vegetable and herb gardens. We strive to live off our land by growing our own food, harvesting our firewood and raising sheep, chickens, and geese. 

Brent and I have been married for over 31 years. Brent co blog's sometimes and brings home the bacon for the family. We have two children (21 and 24) who we homeschooled for 16 years and  they are both still living at home.

I am so glad you're here and hope that you enjoy the blog.
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