Meet the Menagerie

 MandaBurms Laura Seal Burmese is the matriarch of the cats and is 13 years old. 
 MandaBurms LOTR Black Rider - AKA Lordy. Lordy was our MandaBurms Ebony Mandalay stud. He is now living the life of retirement and is 13 years old. As he still thinks he is a stud cat and still sprays he sleeps in his chateau which also has a tree house

Cinders aka Cindy, Ebony Mandalay 12 years old

MandaBurms Magica De Spell aka Maji (Mother Laura)  4 years old

 Mack the Mastiff - age 11
Stella the poodle - age 3
Rambo the Ring neck parrot. He had a gender change, originally the breeder said he was a she and named Roxy, but she grew the beard that the male ring necks have - so now called Rambo. He is 8 years old.

The sheep and lambs are raised for wool and meat - we have found it is best not to give them a name.
 Gus as a little fella and Geraldine.
Gus as a teenager. He is mean to the chickens and pulls their feathers.

 Angie and Clara
Betty, Brodie, Angie and Clara. The girls are approx 8 years old and living the life of retirement - Betty, Angie and Carol are all named after the local librarians by our son when he was about 9 years old.

We have planted many native trees and get an awful lot of enjoyment out of the birds, especially native birds choosing to live at our place.


  1. I love your farm and meeting all your creatures - Great and Small!
    Stella looks more like a Portuguese Water Dog instead of a poodle.
    When we walk our Augie - everyone always says hi to our "poodle"!!

  2. You are living the dream in paradise!!! I have chickens in town so I call myself (tongue in cheek) a city farmer!!