Monday, 24 July 2017


James didn't want a fuss for his 21st. But we decided a little something was required.

We successfully planned a surprise luncheon at our place for 30 people.

However James came down with the flu - (this winter there has been a lot of nasty bugs going around). Sunday morning I asked how he was feeling and if he was up to some visitors. I then had to let the cat out of the bag and say 30 people were turning up at 11.30am.

He just was not up to it and we got busy cancelling the party.

Brent delivered cake and food to his friends, some of his friends called in and helped take food off my hands. We have cold meat (I had cooked lamb, chicken and corned beef) for days. We don't eat corned beef so I'll drop that off today.

The grog in the fridge will keep and he will need a hand drinking it so something will have to be planned when he is feeling better .... somehow I do not think I can pull off another surprise.

Brent asked James if he had any idea/hint of the party. He had none at all. and commented he thought my deep cleaning of the house was just a phase. LOL.

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  1. oh no james! happy birthday and so sorry you are sick. and so much work that had to be canceled. well, at least nothing was wasted. hope you are better soon!

  2. Oh what shame, but at least he knew you were thinking of him. Happy Birthday to James! :) Kit

  3. Happy 21st birthday to James, sorry that he was feeling poorly. The bugs are a bit nasty this year, the hospital is full with so many people with the flu. We are sure he will be ready to celebrate soon.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Oh shame, I'm sure you all would have had a fabulous time. Not the most enjoyable birthday for him. My eldest son is turning 21 in a few weeks too...........time fly's doesn't it!

  5. Oh what a shame the plan didn't happen. Say happy birthday to James and hope he has a nice day. I have 2 big birthdays too. Our youngest turned 29 last Friday and our eldest turns 45 tomorrow.

  6. What a shame. my OH is visiting your neighbourhood at the moment and now he has come down with it!! It's his birthday today. I hope James has a speedy recovery.

  7. happy birthday! Sorry the flu changed the plans but I bet you can recreate another surprise.