Monday, 24 July 2017


James didn't want a fuss for his 21st. But we decided a little something was required.

We successfully planned a surprise luncheon at our place for 30 people.

However James came down with the flu - (this winter there has been a lot of nasty bugs going around). Sunday morning I asked how he was feeling and if he was up to some visitors. I then had to let the cat out of the bag and say 30 people were turning up at 11.30am.

He just was not up to it and we got busy cancelling the party.

Brent delivered cake and food to his friends, some of his friends called in and helped take food off my hands. We have cold meat (I had cooked lamb, chicken and corned beef) for days. We don't eat corned beef so I'll drop that off today.

The grog in the fridge will keep and he will need a hand drinking it so something will have to be planned when he is feeling better .... somehow I do not think I can pull off another surprise.

Brent asked James if he had any idea/hint of the party. He had none at all. and commented he thought my deep cleaning of the house was just a phase. LOL.

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Saturday, 15 July 2017


 Two fires roaring to heat the old villa, coats hanging over railing to dry - it is winter here in New Zealand

 Snow on the Tararuas  today

Kingston Tunic 

Gosh it was May since I last blogged and 5 months into my gap year.... I can't honestly say what I've been up to.... Looking after family (and I'm thrilled to say some fab progress has been happening!), decluttering and selling my homeschooling books and study books... still more to sort through.

Oh I got a new car - which is called Kenny G or Kimmie but in reality is called the dober van as it carries Louie the Doberman around.

Louie has been quite a problem. First off I am a cat person not a dog person. But Louie is sooo needy. He barks if left alone. And frankly I've been really struggling with such a velcro dog. We had a dog behaviourist out and she helped. A few new things have been put in place and I am coping a little better with him. Louie and I are trying to bond  - ok I am trying to bond better with Louie, Louie just wants to be with me ALL the time. Something I am not used to from a dog. I'm even now training Louie for competitions.... Bit of a laugh as I have never done anything like it before in my life, I'm pleased to say - Louie and I were not the worst at the seminar we went to. But we are the bottom of the class that we attend each week. We are working hard to get into a higher level of  a training group.

Abbey has got me organised on a  Facebook Group where I now upload videos daily of the cats staying at Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats  instead of blogging. It is so much easier - and my videoing is getting better. Feel free to join the group if you would like to follow the cats that stay. Feel free to share with your friends if they are looking for a cattery. (many thanks to the lovely people who have been telling their friends about us)

Not much gardening has been done... but come spring time that will change. There are little hints of spring daily in the garden which bring me great joy.

I've been enjoying knitting, listening to audio books, going to movies and watching some fab shows on TV - rather decadent lifestyle aye,

I'm hooked on the TV show Good behavior - it has Lady Mary from Downton Abbey and she is soo good! I find I can't knit and watch it - as there are so many surprises. It's a little shocking (I get shocked easily) but terribly good. We get it in New Zealand on Neon. Have you seen it?

I enjoyed Wonder on audio and very much looking forward to it coming out at the movies - they have the characters perfect. A wonderful book for children to read!

I'm currently listening to Bear Town (same author as A Man called Ove). It is touching on some tough topics, but so far tastefully written. I've not finished it yet, but so far I would have made it a book that was to be read and studied in homeschooling (senior years)

I'll try and get back into blogging...

I've been pretty good at putting a photo a day up on Instagram - which is a bit of a sneek peek into my days.