Saturday, 18 March 2017

The New Bloke.... Name the Ram Competition.

The new "Bloke" arrived today. He did come with a name, however, it's an inappropriate name for a family blog. 
Plus.... There is no way you would get me calling  his real name out loud.... What would the neighbours think was going on.

For a bit of fun lets have a competition to name the new ram. The winner will be one of the suggested names that is chosen by our family and a prize will be posted to the winner.
Feel free to leave your name suggestions as a comment on the blog or if easier on Facebook or Instagram. 

 I wish I had captured him leaving the trailer on video... He ran to our ewes

I really mean galloped towards the ewes..... Brent said "He'll be alright - Looks like he knows what he's doing"

 The girls are pretty taken to him too.....

Farm Stay Guests...

Man Cat Facial Massage

Leonardo with Abbey

 Pinot with Brent

Hope their families are both having a wonderful holiday and that they are pleased to see their boys are not homesick.


  1. How about Sam it rhymes with Ram.

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  3. Samson sounds right to me.

  4. Meredith has come up with a few name options: Scooter, Diesel, Tucker, Gizmo, Hunter, Mushu, Gus.
    Alice thought of Caramel, Donny or MacGyver or Leo.
    Me - I like Bruce or Benny or Andrew.

  5. I love this post. Seeing the new bloke fitting in so well made my heart happy. I think he looks like a Thor to me. :)

  6. How about Hugh it rhymes with ewe.

  7. Ohhh what about Jean-Claude as in Jean-Claude Van Dam (Ram).

  8. Thank you for your input.... I loved some of the names especially for when we get into purebreds which is on the plans.... But for now James has chosen a name for the ram and it seems kinda fitting as he has orange tinges on his legs which we are not sure if it is his colouring or if it is pizzle stains. His name is Trump again named my James.