Friday, 17 March 2017

Brothers from other Mothers

 Louie is our first ever entire dog that we have had neutered, It became apparent that he was born with an enormous amount of testosterone which let him down severely with social skills. He relentlessly would nose every dogs bottom and not get the hint that it was not behaviour other dogs wanted. At dog obedience training he would hump the instructors .... like how embarrassing... I refused to look at the reaction from the other dog parents... Like can you imagine how mortifying!

So the deed was done. He barked the vet clinic down (Louie is a barker... again we have never owned a dog that barks like Louie before). Some firm training has been happening re his barking but as I was not at the vet clinic I assume he thought it was wonderful and let his vocals fly. I think it did make him jump the que and his operation was done early. When he woke up he howled.... the vet clinic rang me at 2pm asking when could I pick Louie up (it was meant to be 4.30pm LOL).

So now we wait and see if this op makes any changes in his behaviours....

As for the cone - he is not phased at all by it.  He just walks into everything as if he is driving a bulldozer including the back of your knees.... drinks with it, squeaks his ball. Basically carries on as normal.

Farm Stay Guests...

 I always sigh when I come in at night to look at the photos I've taken. Leonardo is actually happy, but listening to the sounds and getting quite sick of having to sit on the ledge for  a photo when he knows the mince is on the other side and he just wants his dinner...

Leonardo is from Laura and Lordy.

 Pinot in fine form.... the tail says it all.

Pinot is from Jasmine and Lordy (Laura is Jasmine's mum - so Laura is Pinot's grandma)

Lordy is Leonardo and Pinot's dad.

It really is wonderful having the cats we bred back to stay. And yes I did THINK of breeding Louie but as dobermans are a breed that can attract interesting characters I really couldn't be bothered vetting owners....BUT I am lining up a new ram... so will have lambs for spring.

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  1. Louie sounds like my kind of dog! What a character. How is he at digging up rose bushes? ;-)