Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Jumped a grade....

 Well, well Mr Louie has jumped a grade at dog obedience. (Only because there was only two dogs that enrolled in grade two). So he has gone straight into Canine Good Citizen.  So Louie has to be a good citizen! GULP bit of a shock to be bottom of the class when he was one of the top of the last class.(Brent and Louie did win musical that was super fun to watch). Plus Louie is the youngest being only 10 months. I'll love it tho as its not competitive - you only compete against yourself and move up a grade when the dog is ready. I'm hoping we will do well as I plan to take Louie to rest homes and hospices. He will be a lovely size for people in beds to give him a pat. But that is a wee way off yet... he has to get out of the puppy/teenager stage first....

Farm Stay Guests.

 The boys waiting for their dinner.

 The boys view
 Umm the girls Molly & Bella doing what they love the most here, eating.... I hope I do not get growled at but they have put a little of weight on....

 No way would Ella look at the camera tonight. I'd love to have a camera/video on in the cattery to see what they get up to. Ella's toy was on the ground today so I think she had a little playtime action.

I tried and tried to capture Pancho eating his mince.... but each time I had the camera ready Pancho decided to use his manners. It was hilarious to watch him, he used his claw to pick up his mince and was eating it off his claw. True! Do not be fooled by these photos.

Monday, 23 January 2017


 Now does that look like a bite out of the apple on the apple tree to you?
MMM me thinks possums have been helping themselves.

Farm Stay Guests

 Gosh Pancho looks scary.... he is actually yawning and trying to hit the cap of the camera that is swinging. Pancho hasn't an ounce of meanness in him.

 Man these girls have me sussed. With all the rain I put a litter tray inside for them and one outside too. Guess which one they used. I love their tails - speaks volumes aye. I always get too attached to the cats that stay for a long time.

 With all the wind and rain the boys stayed in bed - two cubby houses to choose from with two hotties in each and the blankets made up like a little nest for them. They all slept together and last night it was in the log cabin, nice and snug and warm. Milo was not happy with the rain. Thankfully it was sunny today and he could walk about a bit more.

Ella is soo regal... and she knows it. Hope her mum and dad were not on an airplane coming into windy Wellington in the high winds.

To all the owners who had weddings and pre wedding events over the weekend I sure hope the weather wa a little kind to you all,

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tussie Mussie

 Charles, Milo and Muddy's mum gave me a Tussie Mussie Posy
 Both of us could not identify which is this plant in the posy - Any ideas?

Farm Stay Guests...
 Like how could I not love what I do when I get waved at by Pancho when he sees me coming down to the cattery?
 Can you see Pancho in his SleepingPod? He is soo amazing and happily goes in it so I can zip into the other cat runs. Pancho does not mind at all and even got a cuddly yesterday form one of Pinot's family - a young girl who thought he was lovely.
I didn't get a photo of Bella and Molly tonight - I need like 6 hands to get in their run with a camera and their dinner. But man what a fuss the girls made of Brent earlier in the day when he opened and taped up their cat flap...These girls prefer men by far. Talk about put it on for the blokes.

 Ella was tucked up in her igloo so this was the best photo I got of her.
Pancho is in the middle run with girls on both sides of him.
 The boys - Charles, Muddy and Milo all snuggled up. I have never had to heat hotties for the cats in January but with our cool summer (now raining) I've been putting hotties in the boys beds and as they are getting on now (Charles will be 14 end of the month) they sure liked the extra touch.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Knitting, books, cats, weather...

 I'm needing mindless knitting/craftwork at the end of the days now I'm full into swotting for exams. I'm feeling a bit more confident re the exams this week. I've three more weeks of swotting left.
This is my linen scarf using up scraps (and some new mini's). Katie from Inside No 23 has a KAL that I'll probably enter.... I've so enjoyed her Podcasts

Any spare moments I'm listening on audio to Hidden Figures. Hoping to get it finished before it comes to the movies.

 We planned for the bad weather - but had an uneventful night here on the Kapiti Coast, sounds like it was pretty wild in Wellington. However it is just starting to rain heavy here. Bother I have to go out today and buy a new phone - mine has died. I think I'll get an Iphone 6S as I like being able to plug in ear phones and use them such a lot that I seem to go through them.
So for now if you want me just email or Facebook message me.

Farm Stay Guests...

Pancho and Pinot.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Carrots, Whiskey and Cats

I was telling a friend that at least with my garden being abandoned due to full on swotting I am keeping the bees happy with the weeds flowering. 
Carrots are in flower and I hope they will still be around in a month to collect their seeds.
Oh I am looking forward to being back in my garden. Brent is planning a new vegetable garden for me... we are all looking forward to having organic home grown veges again.

Our family went to the movies to see Whisky Galore. Such an awesome fun movie - we all laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it,

Farm Stay Guests.

I've been taking my Ipad out to the cattery with me playing with the video settings and uploading them to Instagram. But some owners are not on Instagram so did a photo shoot today.

Pancho's grandma lives in USA and she likes to see his photos. On the video this morning - he ate a spider.... he is so not a city boy when staying on the farm.

Pinot is feeling much better and got up on top of the door shelf this morning... lucky Pancho had some treats in his bag, as my treats were in the outdoor runs. Thanks Pancho for sharing, we sure tricked Pinot and got him down mighty smartly with bribery,,

Molly having a snuggle... It cracks me up how most of the cats we bred love to be carried like a baby, we did this to them as kittens.

Bella having her own stepping stone. She looks grumpy here, but I think her ears are more choosing who to listen to Abbey or me... This was the best photo of Bella today.

Oh Milo how you do look like your mum Caro... he scrowls like Caro used to... gosh we miss Caro.

Muddy doing his pirate impersonation

Charles does seem to be pulling faces at the paparazzi...

Friday, 13 January 2017

Sore Tummies..(warning could be too much info)

Our own homegrown organic Billington plums are soo abundant ... and soo yummy... I ate too many and had a sore tummy..  My mother will be shaking her head, she reads the blog on her Ipad. As a kid I always got a sore tummy from fresh seasonal fruit... when will I learn?

 The funniest thing has happened. A magpie that hangs out here meows like a cat.
I'll try and get it on video one day.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Pinot was all booked into the vet today... he was not too good, and I know Pinot well... well enough to know he needed to be seen by a vet... That was until he had a mammoth bowel motion.
Then he felt all better much so that I cancelled the vet appointment  he must of had a sore tummy too....

 Merlin had a few days of sore tummies too... not sick enough to worry his mum or call a vet, I'm pretty sure it was due to his tinned food, Once I got him on cat mince his tummy troubles all sorted themselves out. (Merlin's mum remind me to give you a bag of my mince to go home with as I think his tinned food needs to go back to the pet shop. I can't have Merlin going home with nothing to eat)

As for Molly and Bella... they have not had sore tummies but they are rather full... Molly was not meant to put on any weight ... but she has just a little...round tummy.

NB disclaimer sorry no photos got taken today I forgot... So I've looked through the camera to see what I had.

As a naturopath (who is nearly qualified - a month tomorrow!!) I'm often asked what should bowel motions look like. The Bristol Stool Chart is  good guide.
Like really I've friends that look in the toilet bowel and say "Leanne sure would be pleased with that".

Well I warned yea all it was gonna be a too much information blog post....

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Never alone

 I don't think there is anywhere on our land you can go without being watched...

 Merlin prefers our mince rather than the dinner he came with....

 Molly only likes to eat cat nuts, Bella only likes to eat mince...
Pinot he is miffed as he has to wait 30 minutes after his meds and then get fed... tomorrow we better do the pills first and make everyone wait 30 minutes to be a bit more fair.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Twelve new critters, stitching and cats...

 Mumma duck brought her ducklings today to meet us.

 I think I forgot to show my cross stitch I finished last year.
 I finished the first of 12 Little Sheep Virtues also by Little House Needleworks. I've one a month to do. And I find it ever so meditative and relaxing.... (I brought big aida count just for that purpose)
When we do up our cottage I'm going to have a wall in the laundry for my cross stitch,

 Using the Hashtag ## Littlesheepvirtues on Instagram I could see all the projects other ladies have done. So fun! Are you on Instagram yet? You will love it! (once you learn what you are doing)

Farm Stay Guests...
 No such luck for a photo of Molly & Bella tonight.
Or for Merlin either.... too much distraction with baby ducklings to look at no doubt.