Monday, 20 November 2017

From land to table

We are having the most amazing Spring. My days are spent outside in the garden as much as possible. I've nearly run out of garden space to plant vegetables....
Sunday was the first real harvest - enough for a meal

I had a play with Iphone to make a movie - thank you Abbey for helping me.

Lamb chops from the freezer that were  off our land. Herbs parsley and rosemary were also picked. Butter and garlic from the shops. MMM maybe I need a cow then I could make butter.

Pudding was strawberries from my garden and some dairy free Ice Cream.
The Ice Cream is New Zealand made called Kohu Road and is dairy free. Ingredients: Coconut cream (52%), strawberries (22%), soluble fibre, sugar, egg yolk (pasteurised), glucose, monk fruit juice concentrate powder, salt. At $11.00 a container it is a treat food that we can have occasionally and tasted like ice cream
We are still reintroducing foods using AIP (autoimmune paleo) - it is so good to tolerate butter! (we tried cheese the other day and still a no). The elimination - reintroduction diet has been so worth it and the healing has been remarkable. 

I love the dinners that are made off our land and as organic and  freshly picked oh it tasted soo good.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun

 If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this photo of the Purebread order we had delivered. Wheat free and gluten free bread. Locally made and I highly recommend for Paleo folk. It does have yeast so not suitable for everyone.

 It was Brent's birthday yesterday and Abbey did a lot of yummy meals for him. Using Purebread bread she made French toast using eggs and homemade almond milk. Caramelized bananas and nitrate free bacon
 For tea it was homemade hamburgers using Purebread hamburger buns. Everything is cooked from scratch including the meat patties which she baked in the oven. Such a novel way of cooking them as without flour meat patties crumble - but not if cooked in the oven.
A good old kiwi homemade hamburger is something we have all missed. So it went down as a real treat.

 Annabel Langbein's Speedy Mayo is a hit - using only eggs, olive oil, mustard, salt n pepper and lemon juice. See the tomato! Also a treat, going nightshade free as many AIP (autoimmune paleo) folks need to, was also a treat and first time reintroducing into the diet.

For dessert she made her dad a chocolate gluten free, wheat free brownie served with strawberries and coconut yoghurt. If you are wanting her recipes I suggest you start following Abbey on Instagram and her You Tube Channel . I might have done the study to help her on her wellness journey but she is the one that has embraced it and totally committed to changing her diet and lifestyle. She has adapted to the food journey and has been making new recipes up for our family's diet requirements. she needs to write a book of her journey as well as a cookbook.

Brent had a lovely birthday - he took the day off work and enjoyed being with us girls. Louie and his truck.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Our Weekend

I seem to be managing one blog post a week by grabbing my camera and snapping what we have been doing over the weekend.

I've been pretty good at posting a photo a day on Instagram and taking a one second video every day.

But as for blogging I just can't seem to think of things to share.

I have been playing with ideas of what I'm going to do when my gap year is up and I will be opening up a business relating to naturopathy and herbalism. 

I've really enjoyed having this time off.
How wonderful if everyone could have a gap year in their life.

I did need it as went straight from over 16 years of  homeschooling into study. Many of my friends who homeschooled had a break before they went onto their next life stage journey.

My local library ordered me in Dr Libby's new book - What am I Supposed to Eat. I do like the sensible advice Dr Libby gives and especially found myself nodding along at page 257,

  Said Who? - Where does your advice come from?
.."My concerns, however, lie in nutrition-related information being touted as the be-all-and-end-all for all people, especially when it comes from sources who have no training, beyond what they believe; beyond what they do"

..."There are many health related blogs out there and they tend to typically focus on improving physical and sometimes mental health. Posts often share what the blogger does themselves, offering insights into their lives as well as dietary and exercise routines. Many include advice about how to eat, what exercise to do and self-esteem. They are well-intentioned and often the blogger cares very much about the welfare of others...."

This chapter really struck a chord and why I've been reluctant to share our family's journey back to health. As many long term readers of the blog know I went and studied natural healing as there was nothing the medical world could do. Lots of study and rabbit trails and not just one thing has helped. Instead a lot of different modalities have - but especially food and herbs.

I'm not a big fan of supplements, however there is a time and place for them but I typically only use practitioner only supplements that are synthetic free and have no fillers.

I've a new interest from my studies where I body read people I meet, I can't help it. The kids say I'm becoming like Doc Martin. I nearly actually did the other day in a social setting where a lady was sharing her health concerns - I wanted to ask her if I could have a look at her tongue. Thankfully I stopped myself spurting it out - but I really did want to read her tongue!

Maybe if you are interested in what approach I'd take for your particular illness and how I would read your body to look for root causes. Hay if you are interested flick me an email cottagetails (at) xtra (dot) co (dot) nz. With a brief outline I could write a blog post (annon of course) of what sort of questions I'd ask you, what areas of the iris I'd look for (iridology), body reading I'd want to do, diet and herbal avenues I'd possibly approach.

This might just spur on blogging again for me...

Ok back to my weekend blog posting....
I'm loving the lilacs the house smells wonderful. Just wish it was lilac season, like forever!

Paradise ducks are bringing their ducklings to visit. - SOO CUTE

The boys spent the weekend harvesting pine trees - seems so weird having to have thoughts of winter when it is spring. But a good job done. We really are on a mission to remove all pine trees and replace with natives.

 The Farm Stay Guests did not give a toss re the noise - Beau sat and watched and talked away to me as I picked up the pine cones.
Gus and Geraldine watched from the pond. But the heron that visits was most upset he could not land.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Weekend in the Garden

It was Labour Weekend here in New Zealand which means a long weekend for the workers. I had given Brent a dear hubby list and he worked hard helping me in my vegetable gardens. It was very much appreciated as the digging roots work was a bit past my ability. After not tending my vegetable gardens for four years due to study it was a mission to get every last root and weed out of the garden. Build up the soil and now finally it is nearly time to plant.

Next to the kiwifruit I've planted zucchini - a bit too ambitious as the soil is not really warm enough yet but I'm hanging out to eat some. Winter sorrel, wormwood can also be seen in photo.
 The last of the kikuyu grass was removed out of the garden - I plan to plant a purple globe artichoke here which will be next to the traditional green artichokes.

 Painted Lady runner beans - a heirloom variety.

 New netting on strawberries - fingers crossed Louie the doberman will not walk on this as he did as a puppy
 View from top of other garden thyme is in flower, poppies are growing well, I've broccoli, cauli, silverbeet, spinach and beetroot up here and will have scarlet runner beans and purple pod beans on bean frame that is not in photo. (view is of boarding cattery I run as a hobby) and my bush bath
 moon garden around the bush bath - wish you could smell the white lilac it is wonderful.
 Lower garden is getting ready for more planting. Brent put up tunnels for me to heat up the soil. Garlic and shallots are growing well.
 My asparagus bed is giving us lovely meals. Yum Yum. I'm working on an area to plant pumpkins that will trail so been collecting sheep poop (yet to dig in) which pumpkins love! Pumkins this year were crazy expensive.

 The hops has been aggressively cut back and growing like crazy

 radishes are up (carrots not yet)
 But ,my yams are up YEA! I'm have a little fun with Instagram friend RichNZ - to see who can grow the best yams. He showed off a lot this year with his harvest. So far I am winning. BUT there is a story re my yams. The ones I was chitting got all eaten  by friggin rats! War is on re the rats. All blackberry has been cut back around chicken coop - I will miss picking the blackberry but rats have made tunnels right under the chicken coop so quite a mission. We are trapping as do not like using bait which can harm our animals as well as hawks etc that pick up the poisoned rats.
Thank goodness for Koanga as I was able to buy some yams ready to be planted - cost me $30. Do you think I've cheated?

pst don't tell Richnz but this is my workstation to insure I get a hearty crop of yams. Liquid fertiliser from seaweed, worm wee and sheep poop tea, Quite the brew!
Rows of yams, kumera and potatoes with carrots in front.

The beginnings of Giant Russian Sunflowers. I've two trays like this of them and have no idea where I will plant them as they grow 2 meters... But I love sunflowers and thought I'd grow them again this year.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour. it is soo good to be feeling on top of a small part of my garden,
This weeks job is to weed around all the fruit and nut trees, mulch and plant a herbal lay underneath them.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

First trip away in the truck

 We were invited to a 60th birthday party (now how scary is that, that we are going to 60th's!) which was in the Wairarapa. I've been out of sorts for a few months processing some very deep hurt from friends and extended family which has rocked my world. I don't seem to be as resilient as I used to be. It's been a bit tough what the universe has been throwing my way.

Brent suggested we take the truck on her first big journey and Abbey said why don't you guys stay the night!

I'm not a great traveller and do not like the Rimutaka Hill Road - which in the above photo we are parked at the top. Brent took it slow around the windy corners which the truck handled no problems. I wasn't sick just a tad queasy. (I have my eyes closed most of the way).

 Of course a visit to Wits End is always a must in Featherston.

 We chose The Gamekeeper's Cottage in Featherston to stay at.
 I was delighted with the entry - lavender and lambs ear's. My heart skipped a beat or two!
 The wisteria was heaven!

 It was the first time in 30 years that the pickup truck has slept outside. And it rained!!!

 The cottage had a neat decoration theme of hunting. A collection of  firearm holsters, fishing rods, whisky containers and even the curtains fitted the theme.
The building was built in 1854 and there was photos of the rebuild on the wall.

 It was really warm and cozy with the fire and even a lamp so I could knit. It also had a claw foot bath which we enjoyed bubble baths in.
A mean gas stove. Gosh I'd love to have this in my home.
 We always pick places that are a bit unique - but they must have a kitchen so I can cook. I prefer to cook than eat out. I cook very simply, in season meals and we are now on the reintroduction stage of autoimmune paleo diet. So we had fresh salad with a tomato (first time reintroducing tomatoes), fresh new potatoes, scotch fillet steak with mushrooms and caramelized onions. For pudding some strawberries and dark chocolate.
For breakfast I cooked whitebait (very first of the season) omelette with asparagus plus a few strawberries left over from previous night.

The Gamekeeper's Cottage was private, unique, and comfortable. The hosts were really nice people and allowed us to arrive at 1pm to drop off our bags on the way to the party. I have to be honest tho as many of our blog readers have taken our recommendations and also visited where we have been over the years. It was $190.00 per night. We were disappointed with the cleanliness - just little things, and a few big things... dead dried crusty blowflies on kitchen bench, no milk in fridge, no butter or jam etc for toast, not that we would have used them but it is the first time I've ever seen no provision of these. The tea, coffee jars were greasy and contents old looking. No salt shaker (cooking salt in greasy container - pass!). The pots and pans were filthy as were plates. I get so angry having to wash dishes before using them! Mirrors not cleaned. Hand towel had the sour smell - blokes with beards know this I'm told. Only two bath towels and one teatowel  and  no extra bedding if cold. Thankfully we have a blanket kept in the truck which Brent brought inside to pop on the bed.

We gave it a 3/5. Made the best of it and enjoyed our little trip. We were home in time for lunch and much nicer weather over here on the Kapiti Coast so I got to spend the afternoon in my garden. BLISS.

Plus the old pick up truck went really well on her first big journey. She is so comfortable to ride in. We have more trips away planned in her.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

Our Weekend.

Lambing has finished - there is a question if Trump serviced a ewe before he left -
 if so it is not due until quite late September.

I've been putting video's and stories (still learning how to do these) over on Instagram I'm not sure how to add videos taken on Iphone to the blog.
I do hope you can see the videos over on Instagram as the lambs are now playing and such a joy to watch.

We have 15 lambs and man they are cute!
But as I've shared before we have had a really heartbreaking lambing season. 
Lost 6 lambs and one ewe
I'm too soft for such loss. I'm really thinking hard if I want lambs next year. But also thinking very seriously of getting in a new line of rare breed sheep called Rylands

Photo that popped up on James's memories of 2 years ago using our paddock to teach a friend to drive in.
Photo taken yesterday showing the ponds that have developed with all the wet we have had. We are in for another wet week. So I'll leave the lambing pen up in the bathroom for another week or two - just incase... fingers crossed we will not need it.

New visitor to our place. A female pheasant. of course we fed her as she was right up at the chicken coop. Later we saw her mate at the top of the hill. I sure hope they come back daily and join in at feeding time. We have quite the collection of critters visiting. Awesome aye!

A run in the truck to Ruth Pretty's.

Saturday night to the movies to see Dunkirk. A tad too violent for me. I would have preferred to have seen this movie  from the viewpoint of more of the civilians that were doing the rescue rather than all the war action 3/5

Sunday night video hire Going in Style. Very funny but I'm a big fan of Morgan Freeman. Good light hearted movie - which is more my thing. 5/5 from me.

Hope you all had a good weekend too.

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