Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Pinot has arrived for a holiday. He has been quite unwell but now fit as a fiddle... but still on some medicines. I'm pretty good at giving pills to animals but Pinot was better and just held the pill in the side of his mouth until he thought I was not looking and spat it out. His family sent up a fancy pill popper for cats. So that is what Pinot and I did. It worked a treat!
BUT GASP no food until 30 minutes after his pills. How hard is that on your first day back on holiday. I just gave him a little tiny tiny bit of mince off my finger tip to take the yucky taste out of his mouth.
Thank goodness there are lots of critters for Pinot to look at while he waits for his dinner.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Pretty boy

 Smile I caught Gus looking at his reflection...

Farm Stay guest
Pancho got lucky last night.... there was a bit of miss communication between Brent, James and I.
I had already fed Pancho his Fancy Feast and somehow the story went that I hadn't fed Pancho so Pancho got two dinners last night. Pancho didn't say otherwise and happily ate both.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

This is real farm life.

 We had quite an upset yesterday evening. It's never happened before. And I hope it will never again.
A dog that was rehomed from city life to living on a farmlet got into our sheep and attacked.
Terribly sad for all. For the dog that would have just done what is natural chase if the sheep run... For the new owners who had just bonded with the dog and for the ewe we had to put down and for its lamb that will miss his mum. He is old enough to not need his mum and can graze on grass... but....

Big breath...

Farm Stay Guests...

Pancho thankfully had tucked himself up and missed all the action.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Bathing in the spouting

 Some days I have to pinch myself of what an awesome lifestyle we lead. Like how often do you have a tui taking a bath right out your backdoor in the spouting?

Farm Stay Guest.
Sorry mum... Pancho was just far too busy watching the birds and the boys arrive home.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Bribery... knitting, earth quakes, tornado, naturopathy study and of course Farm Stay Guests.

I've given myself some timeout this week and done some knitting. I finished some projects (including shawl but forgot to get photos). I detest sewing up seams so I bribed Abbey to do it for me with the temptation she could have some of her Christmas gifts early or I would pay her cash.

 She chose the Christmas parcel as as soon as she saw the wrapping paper she knew it was yarn from Elm Tree Yarns.
 What a fab experience purchasing from Elm Tree Yarns. The owner was lovely! I got Abbey Mrs Tiggy Winkle in sparkle and toasted Marshmallows. I sure am looking forward to seeing what she designs with these.

Finished objects ready to go to a little boy. Just waiting for delivery of a colouring in book for his big sister. I always love giving the older children a little gift too.

Today was the first day back hitting the books. I had a good naturopath study day and nearly finished my research project.  My topic is: What are patients experiences as aspiration of holistic management of endometriosis in New Zealand? (here is a sample of what my research project is about)

As a naturopath student I believe a patient’s journey to wellness is building a collaborative health-care team — a group of orthodox and complementary practitioners who collaborate with each other and advocate for the patient to assist her with all aspects of healing. Due to a laparoscopy being the only way of definitively diagnosing endometriosis, data for this research will be collected from women who have been clinically diagnosed with endometriosis. My research is to determine if New Zealand woman who have been medically diagnosed with endometriosis have had any experience and aspirations to incorporate complementary natural alternatives for the management of their disease. Data collected will give an indication of treatments women have tried include a range of different healing modalities, such as clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, flower remedies, as well as lifestyle changes such as exercise, meditation, relaxation massages. The data collected will highlight patient’s knowledge and attitudes to incorporating holistic options to manage endometriosis in New Zealand.

Life here in New Zealand is still a tad rocky.... here is a little of what has been happening..

NZ today, 14th November 2016. Each dot = an earthquake - source 

We have had floods as previous blog posts.
We had a tornado go through at Waikanae  last night (not far from us). We felt the wind whip up, and this old house window's rattle and bang... made me jump thinking oh no not another earthquake.

Geonet has advised we are possibly in for more earthquakes.... click to read  (GREAT!)

Buildings in Wellington are damaged and causing a lot of concern. Workers are without work as their buildings are condemned - sent home with no pay (unless they have holiday pay they can use) with no prospect of work....

Farm Stay Guests. 

I'm pleased to say all the animals are coping really well with mother nature. They are all shut in and safe. Pancho possibly was not too thrilled with me, but I locked the cat flap so he could not go outside last night just to give me peace of mind he was all safe. Pleased I did when I heard about the tornado. Pancho is such a laid back dude, we keep to the routine as I feel animals (and kids) like structure. So as far as Pancho is concerned all is as normal and he is his relaxed self.

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


 clary sage in the front
 If you look past the wind and rain damage the poppy's look beautiful. I'm enjoying them bloom very much.

Farm Stay Guests...

Pancho enjoyed his dinner tonight... he has had comments from the vets that he was a little overweight ...but thankfully he came with no diet restriction , so maybe the dreaded diet starts after his holiday.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Earthquakes - flooding....

 At our place we are fine. We are on a rise so no flooding of home or cattery. Still feeling the aftershocks ..... there has been over 1500 aftershocks, thankfully we have not felt them all here in the North Island but man I feel for the folks down south.

 Brent and James are stranded and cannot get home due to flooding of roads. James is staying at a friends the night but I reakon Brent will get home. He always does. Which will make me a happy chappy.

Farm Stay Guest

 Pancho is taking all the activity in his stride. (photo of him playing footsies with me)

I'll have to be more tidy! I had left the temptation treats on the stool and Pancho helped himself... he sure has strong jaws to get into the packet. It was a full pack too and he hasn't left much for another day. His mum says he gets up to this at home. Phew I'd hate to be instigating new habits.

Monday, 14 November 2016


 We have had a day of lots of aftershocks... I'm not someone who takes earthquakes in her stride when the earth betrays and starts moving as if I'm on a boat in a bad storm..... One of my friends does not mind them at all.
Today was a stay at home day and I soothed the nerves with some knitting I'm just up to binding off and it will be finished! Rather chuffed with the shawl. Love Love Love how clear the pattern is. .

 Tonight is a Super Moon - I snapped this photo last night as the weather report was for cloudy weather tonight which it is. There are different theories if a Super Moon can contribute to earthquakes.... I do wonder as in the olden days the moon was a guide for man... here's what the news says...

In the Southern Hemisphere the November Full Moon is known as a Strawberry Moon as yes the strawberry season has begun - the first pickings of the season YUM

Farm Stay Guests and Farm Animals.
Brent checked on Pancho and the other cats this morning after the big shake by flashlight. All the cats are settled. Pancho gave me big snuggles and rolly polly before his dinner tonight which he had no hesitation eating. Stella the poodle does not like earthquakes and is one reason we did not get accepted for the police dog program as the last thing a policeman needs is a dog that is terrified of situations. Louie sleeps peacefully through them.

All the sheep and lambs are fine - but earthquakes do feel a lot worse being inside this old 1900 villa that shakes and rattles ever so noisily with each tremor. Not all animals cope with the earthquakes. A friends yearling got quite frightened and degloved half of head with broken bones in both side of nose.

 Two of the hens shared the nest - due to the shaking or because they both want the nest?

Here is hoping for a shake free night so we can get some sleep.


What a night! Just after midnight a 7.5 earthquake rattled most of New Zealand. It was centered in the South Island and we are about an hours drive north of Wellington (NZ Capital) in the North Island. It shook us sideways, up and down and felt like it was never going to stop. We even thought at one point it was going to get worst. And this was us feeling it away from where the earthquake was centered - I can only imagine how terrified the folks in the South Island were.

There has been heaps of good sized aftershocks. Not much sleep happened here.
Our 1900 villa rocks and rolls. The worst is the noise the weights in the sash windows make...
The chandelier swings back and forth.

It's daylight now which makes everything seem better,

We are fine and all the animals are fine too. But as always in an earthquake (which I detest) I declare right I'm moving to Scotland!  ....

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Our Nest is the Best Nest

I've enjoyed watching the starling happenings while I study at the dinning room table.

 Queen Anne's Lace is in bloom - Talking Queen - I have been enjoying watching Netflix The Crown and on TV on demand Victoria.

Farm Stay Guests...

View out my kitchen window - Pancho enjoying some rain free time outside.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Special visitor

 All the spring rain has brought a visitor - a heron to the pond. Rather special! - It's not every day we have a heron in the backyard.

 I had the camera on me and snapped a quick photo of Freya, Cinders and Lordy who all share a bed.  I'd woken them up hence why they look sleepy. Laura has her own bed and that photo turned out blurry. Cinders has grown a white whisker..... quite cute really.

Farm Stay Guest.

Looks like I am scragging Pancho - but I'm multi tasking patting and trying to get a photo. He wasn't having a bar of sitting still tonight. I think he is sick of the rain too. Come on spring where is the warm weather???? All the cats have hotties tonight and we have the fire on.... Like really it is November and feels like autumn,