Saturday, 30 July 2016

Lambs, socks and cats.....

Lambing has begun... first set of twin lambs have been born for the season.
It feels like winter has finally arrived today so I hope they stay dry and warm.

 Sew Sweet Violet has shared her 3rd Podcast and has finished some of Abbey's socks she designed. I laughed and laughed when on the Podcast Jooles shared she was going to follow the directions of the pattern - knowing that would please Abbey.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Ollie goes home on Monday. Gosh  I will miss him. He is ever so demanding! He craves attention and loves his snuggles before I do anything. Obviously he had not finished as when I began sweeping the floor he lept on my back for a piggy back ride.

 Rosa was a tad vocal about having to come to the cattery. She has been spoilt of late and her nana usually cat sits.  Get well soon Jack and Rosa's nana!

 Jack just took the change all in his stride.
Jack and Rosa enjoying some outdoor time.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Birthday, cats, dogs, sheep and alpacas. Oh and a fab Movie....

Many of the Farm Stay guests and readers of the blog have watched the kids grow up. Can you believe it we are now a family of all adults. James has turned 20. Where have those years gone?
Just flown by. Brent and I are both very proud of how James has turned out.

James asked for pizza for tea. Our pizza's are interesting, non traditional with family members not eating many typical pizza toppings etc due to intolerances/allergies.
A base was made using would you believe cauliflower. The recipe is from The Green Kitchen Stories cookbook

We all went to the movies to see Dough. Oh my it was funny - highly recommend 4.5/5 from our family.

Daily Louie, Stella and I walk the paddocks looking for lambs. It could be any day now. Some of the ewes look like they might have triplets. Lambing is my favourite time of the year.

Farm Stay Guests..
My cats have settled into the Farm Stay while their home gets rebuilt. Above is Cinders.
Maji really needs to go on a D I E T - look at that apron hanging down.
No photo of Laura, She wouldn't come outside. Laura does as she pleases.

Lordy, who is the dad of most of the cats that come to stay - including Ollie.

Ollie and Maji chat away to each other. Ollie is from the Caro/Lordy line and reminds us so much of Caro. He's a really friendly fellow. The weather has been fab and Ollie enjoys being outside in the sunshine.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Storm damage

 The tree in the cattery where our cats live came down in the storm -northwesterlies sure seem to hit our place. The birds sure must of been hanging on for dear life during the strong winds.
 It was a little hard to get out the back door.
 We were so lucky that we did not park our car in its normal spot or Bubbles would have got scratched

 Was quite a thud when the tree landed on our roof hitting the chimney on way down
The boys got onto the clean up.
 Plenty of firewood around this place.
After the clean up.

Farm Stay Guests...
I've given up getting good photos of Ollie, he has quite the routine where I walk in and have to sit on the chair for his pats and loves. When I put him down for a photo he rubs around my legs.

 Ollie was not fazed that his dad Lordy kept hissing (very unlike Lordy). Poor Lordy did not like the storm.
 Maji telling me all about it.

Louie and Maji are good mates. But the rest of my cats have not been brought up with dogs and do not tolerate Louie. Cinders and Laura are in the log cabin watching, while Maji rolls about talking to Louie.

I'm quite grateful the boarding cattery was not full and could move my cats to it. I had moved the cats at the first sign of damage so they were not in their run when the tree actually came down.

 the virgillia in flower
SOB the virgillia tree was one of my favourite trees. It made quite a show when in flower

 I reckon my cats are going to miss their tree. Now to think of what tree to replant - any ideas?

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Full Moon, Books, Knitting and Cats ... BLISS

 Wow wow wow! Last nights Full Moon was smashing. We had a clear night which made me very happy and it was so mild outside. I've never sat under a Winter's Wolf Moon that I did not need to be wrapped up to the nines..

I've not picked up my knitting once this last week. To be real honest I sit in my chair and fall sound asleep. My brain seem fried with all that is going on on the home front.
Still the knitting will wait for me.
I've not had much luck with audio books this last week and ditched two. I think it is my fried brain that just needs NICE and easy books. I enjoyed Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street Series which is about a small town all around a Yarn shop. So I've chosen another one of Debbie's series called Cedar Grove and it was a good choice. Nice and light.

The winner of the free pattern is Karen. How lovely that Karen's name was pulled as she put me onto Wurm. Let me know what pattern you would like and I will gift it to your via your Ravelry account.

Farm Stay Guests....
 View from the rear of the cattery
Ollie is enjoying the weather and demands attention. He is just too busy smooching my face, hair and feet for photos.

Linking up to Yarn Along

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Big Day Out

Louie the doberman had some My Dog for breakfast and TRASHED the place.
ADHD material for puppies. He will not be having that ever again!

Louie is now fully vaccinated and had his first big day out. A drive in the truck to the farmer's market. He met lots of dogs - everyone seems to take their dogs to get their vegetables, eggs and honey. He even saw Indi's dad (Indigo comes to stay at the farm stay for cats). 
One old fella loved Louie - he used to have dobermans and Louie helped him have wonderful memories. Afterwards Louie had his first run at a park. Quite a big day for a young fella.  
(Louie will be 17 weeks on Monday)
Farm Stay Guests...
Ollie nearly keeping still for a photo, his tail couldn't keep still.

 Pi having a good old clean up

 Bruno watching the sparrows line up for their dinner.
 Portia watching the geese
Who were just getting tucked up for the night. No doubt another cold winter's night. Not that I mind our winter days are so sunny! All the cats have their hotties in their beds and we have the fire going.