Sunday, 31 January 2016


Photo Source © Copyright Graham Hughes.

James is up in Huntly as crew for his friends stockcar. Did you know you could bet on the stockcars? 
The boys told me which race etc and down I went to the local TAB and having no clue whatsoever a patron got me organised and I bet $5.00 per something. I'm still not too sure what I bet on except it was on the car James is pit crew for. The boys tell me I will be in the money. So down I'll go this morning (yep they are open on Sunday's something I didn't know) and collect my winnings.

Farm Stay Guests...

Basil and Sammy man they are lovely boys - it is going to be really hard to let them go home.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hexagons rule

 Finally I am in the crochet grove, snatching moments to make me sit still and make a hexi. How big the afghan will be will depend on how far the wool goes. I'm quite chuffed how my crochet skills are slowly coming back to me. (I haven't done any since about age 12 or 14) My tension is getting better with each one I make.

This weeks book I'm listening to on audio is The Summer Girls.  I picked the book just because of the word Summer. It's summer here in New Zealand but its been a crazy season - many days we have an extra layer on, it sure is not a long hot summer. So far I'm enjoying listening to the book - an easy listen.

Farm Stay Guests.

Basil and Sammy are enjoying having the whole cattery to themselves. I've opened up both runs, I often find them asleep inside curled up on the chair totally pleasing themselves - which is how it should be when on holiday.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Sunny Summers day

  YEA Summer has arrived we had a smashing sunny Sunday. With all the road works in Kapiti going on I just do not enjoy biking on the road. I always appreciate it when one of the boys loads the bikes on the back of the truck and off we go for a ride.

 I'd have spent all day outside if I could - but study is making me sit indoors on the laptop. I'm quite enjoying learning about interpreting blood tests and really getting into this book, which is a compulsory book for the naturopathy studies.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Bruno, Pi and Portia left to go to their new home. Their family had unpacked all the boxes from their move and everything was just right for the cats to go to their new home. Stella thought that was great as she gets to help eat the left over cat nuts. For some reason the dogs quite fancy cat nuts.

Sam and Basil have moved into the indoor/outdoor run and were having such a grand time being patted by Brent last night that I forgot to take their photos.

 Sienna and Beau whom seem to spend all day squabbling (in friendly terms)
over who is going to sit the highest on the scratching pole

 shhhhh Muddy is asleep.

 So was Charles until Milo jumped on him.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Full Moon

 The Full Moon in January (in the Southern Hemisphere) is known as the Wort Moon. 

Wort is an old Anglo Saxon name for herb.

 January is summer in New Zealand and is the main month for herbs to be harvested. I'll be crazily saving my poppy seeds today as they are ready to be harvested.

Farm Stay Guests.
I put up some videos of the cats last night on Instagram and Facebook. Many of the families tell me they prefer the blog but I can't for the life of me remember how to put videos from my camera or Ipad to the blog. 

 The three boys who we fondly call the bogans. Charles, Milo and Muddy

Next minute... Typical burmese brotherly love.

Portia enjoying a snooze in the sun

 Next  minute.... Pi decides to annoy... Oh sorry family I just worked out I didn't get a photo of Bruno.
he is in a video hope you can see that.

Beau and Sienna keeping watch on Bruno, Pi and Portia.

and Basil. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Full House

 The cattery is full to the brim with five cat families. I'm very pleased that I was able to accommodate everyone. I've had phone calls such as - "eek we have sold our house can the cats come to you while we move and get all settled in the new house", and "I've a new job and we have to relocate to Auckland, can you have the cats until I find a house away from the roads"
So a bit of juggling around and buying some new furniture I've fitted everyone in - well it is what you do for family isn't it. All of the cats are related.

 Drat I was too slow. Molly and Bella have spent most of their days tucked up together under the quilt . I try and try to snap them snuggled up together but they always get down to greet me when I open their door. Friendly girls they are,
 Basil claimed the scratching post
 Sammy claimed the igloo. It's quite plush and comfy - I brought all new pillows to go underneath the blankets and it's been a hit for the cats - nice and comfy.

 Brent and I have been watching Portia and we are really wondering if she might just be one of our cats, She dunks her head just like a lot of the ebony cats from our Cinders/Lordy line do. I do wonder.
 Pi is moving just too fast for a photo.
 Hello says Bruno
 Beau hanging out on the scratching pole.
 Sienna was tucked up under the quilt tent I've just pulled it open for a little peek.

 Charles who is quite insistent that he gets up when he wants to not when I ask him to. He is the last one out of bed every morning. I do wonder what time he gets up at home?
 Muddy watching the sheep

Milo photos give an example of what my camera shots look like most days.

Friday, 22 January 2016


 My goal this year is to crochet a hexagon blanket - with the goal being I will make myself sit for 20 minutes a day and complete a hexi. It's my form of meditation. I find crafting slows my breath and is a wonderful stress relief. (I also find gardening does this for me). Making Hexi's means I can sit outside in the sunshine and also get my dose of vitamin D in the summer months.

My Christmas gift was really beautiful yarn to make a pretty blanket and a lovely birch wood hook.
I was quite confident I could remember how to crochet - my grandma taught me when I was about 12 years old. But wooo there is now UK and USA terms that got me totally confused.

A friend popped over and got me organised yesterday - I've even lost the knack of getting tension right (or maybe I never had it?). Anyway she got me off and away until my new hook just snapped. That caused a bit of laughter between us girls. How wonderful that the hook comes with a 5 year warranty. I've sent off my information and a nice new hook will be posted to me. Excellent service and guarantee.

I've completed my first Hexi for 2016 - it is only a test one. Now I'm trying to find a 3.25mm hook - the local shops tell me they do not stock that size in New Zealand......

 This week I'm listening on audio The Downstairs Maid - its an easy listen - very Downton Abbeyish.
After days of study I need an easy listen nothing to make my brain work more than it needs to.

Farm Stay Guests

 Molly and Bella walking their strut. They look like the are practising doing runway walks. They go home this weekend I'm not ready for them to go,,

Milo doing his pirate impersonation. He is being rather naughty and keeps picking rumbles with his brothers. Charles needs to just deal to him and put him in his place,

Sorry no other photos, I got interrupted in the photo sessions and forgot to take more later in the day.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Moon Garden

The cosmos are flowering
And the sweet peas. I've forgotten the name of them wedding something ...they sure are pretty.

I didn't snap any photos on Monday as a storm was rolling into town. I got just enough time to feed the cats and tuck them up before BOOM thunder, lightening and heavy rain arrived.  Tuesday Brent & I were at appointments and James kindly fed and cared for all the animals for me. Yep the sheep. geese and chicken all get fed at the same time as the cats. Funny how the animals all know when dinner time is... 

Farm Stay Guests...

Cat's tails speak volumes - Molly and Bella both have lovely long happy looking tails don't they.
Molly has been my mate for weeks. Bella has finally decided to give me some real affection instead of just tolerating me (she is loyal to her owners, not like Molly who moved on). Saying that Bella is all over Brent when he visits.

Charles and Muddy all tucked up in their log cabin did not appreciate their afternoon snooze being  interrupted for some photos.
Milo however seems to hear me walk down to the cattery every time. He is so vocal just like his mum Caro was and gives me lovely welcomes. This was the best snap I got as he moves about at a terribly fast pace weaving in and out of my legs.

It is Portia's first time staying here and was a tad weary of the paparazzi... but gosh she has only been here since lunch time so we will give her a little longer to settle in. Portia is an SPCA cat found wondering around the Hutt. she looks like she has some burmese/mandalay in her. Lucky girl to of found such a loving new home.

Welcome back Pi. He remembers me and it is terribly wonderful to see him again 
And also Bruno who also lives with Pi and Portia.