Friday, 30 December 2016

Another Trip Around the Sun

 I had such a fun birthday. Brent left me a treasure hunt to find 6 envelopes... talk about bring out my inner child. I'm such a big kid. He knows me well and my love language is acts of service or quality time. In each envelope is a double pass to the movies. He plans to take me out to the movies next year lots which is one of my favourite things to do.
 Abbey made me a project bag - big enough for a sweater I plan to make - plus James and her brought me a knitting pattern I had wanted and the yarn too.. (I'll share that next week). It is sooo yummy and from Japan, but New Zealand wool.
 My friend Maria also made me a project bag... and my oh my look at that embroidery she did on it.
The detail and hours of work. Love it! She spoilt me rotten as I also got some yarn for my autumnal linen scarf I am knitting. Which I also frogged.
Talk about a New Moon in Capricorn!
I was very spoilt with more cards, messages and phone calls from friends.
 I smiled getting my card from my friend Maree, she knows I love my sheep..
 How could one not love sheep with such a view.
 I'm knitting a Baa-bles hat (which I had to frog) and will cast on my cross stitch New Years Eve- Virtues by Little House Needleworks The goal is to cross stitch one a month.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Bella was too busy wanting to rub around my legs
 But I did get a nice photo of Molly
As for wee Merlin we are now friends. He is eating well, talking and purring for me. Tomorrow I will try him in the outside run. I wonder if he has seen a sheep before?

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Double Decker Demolition Derby

 I've never heard of a double decker demolition derby before in my life... but there goes our lad to be in one. He and his friend had a bet whoever won last nights demolition derby would race in tonight's one. They were up at sparrow fart welding and cutting, setting engines on fire. Telling me I am the best mum in the world to put up with such antics....
Congratulations to Marty whose family reads the blog and won last night. Sounds like everyone had such fun.
It is a boy thing as I sure do not get into it. But James and his friends are making memories and one day in an old person's home they can sit and tell tall tales to others of their youngin days.

Abbey and I stayed home and knitted and watched Victoria on Netflix - we are very much enjoying it!

Farm Stay Guests....

 Charles leaving his mark
 Milo having his evening scratch
 With Muddy first things first... eat...

 Merlin comes with all his bowls and food he likes. I love it when owners do this as it really helps make the change for the cats a bit easier.
 Merlin had a better day today and we have had big conversations. A little bit of temptation of dinner in bed... well he is on holiday.

Merlin seems a bit shy of the burmese girls looking at him.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day

I trust you all had a nice Christmas - ours was perfect. 
We relaxed, ate, played board games and chilled. 
Today it was back hitting the books studying. Extremely hard on such a sunny day. I am itching to get out and play in my garden,,,, I keep playing in my head what I will be doing in March when study is over... Top of the list is getting my potager garden in tip top shape and a compost bin going.

Farm stay Guest...

 Welcome Merlin, it is his very first visit and he has never been on holiday before in his life ever. So I feel very privileged to be looking after him. We have had a little pat but no purrs yet. Day one can be a bit tough but hopefully tomorrow he will not feel so homesick.

 Bella is not homesick one bit.

 Nor is Molly - honest once they eat the cats just chill out and enjoy their stay.

 Milo and Muddy
Charles turned just as I snapped...

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve

We have had the most relaxed Christmas Eve ever. Everyone has been home which is quite rare as it is works busy time of year. The boys fluffed about in the shed. James is painting up his Street Stock (he will be racing in Upper Hutt this Boxing Day in the Demolition Derby)

 This year I have only brought one item at an actual walk in shop. LOVED it as I am not a shopper or a mall person. Everything else was purchased on line and ALL arrived in time for today - Christmas Eve, which is when we open our gifts...

As you can probably work out, we are really not into Christmas - way too commercialism for us... We opted out a few years ago. But we do buy each other a little something special which we opened today. Tomorrow we will just relax  having family time - all very untraditional and no fuss. Not even a Christma tree or decoration in sight.

 Abbey's love language is words and gifts, she is often our personal shopper as finds awesome things online. She gifted me some Unicorn Tails (I adore the name) from Madelinetosh for a linen scarf I am knitting. (my photo does not do the yarn justice - it is a deep purple, brown and green), plus a book that has been on my wish list The Little Book of  Hygge. Have you read it yet???

 Brent brought me a book that any naturopath would want... he thought it was a stink gift but I really wanted it and like most textbooks are, it was expensive soo I really appreciated it,

James knows me well and gifted me movie ticket to Shoreline Cinema.. a lovely boutique movie theatre I enjoy going to.
PLUS I finally got a GOAT for Christmas....

I have had a goat on my wish list (and a rooster) for many years but the family say NO!

Thanks Annabelle and Pete I LOVE my goat! SMILE

Farm Stay Guests...

 Muddy and Charles

 Sammy who was terribly playful...
And this ginger fella has been Brent's room mate while he was staying in a motel. Brent always lets  a cat come visiting when he is away... A cat makes it feel more cosy and like home don't yea think.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy being spoilt and spending time with your loved ones.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Hopping Mad

 Yep bunnies are cute, but man the damage they are doing to my garden....
The inner Mrs McGregor is coming out!

Farm Stay Guests....

We have had a few  earthquakes today.... rather unnerving as they always are. As you can see the cats just carried on as normal.

 Basil and Sammy snuggled up together.

 Milo & Charles
Muddy ... no doubt as a typical cat, he will take a nibble out of each bowl...

Cat supplies all sorted for the holidays.

Thursday, 22 December 2016


The Knitmore Girls Podcast shared about the knitting collection of The Sound of Music Abbey is in. Here is the link to listen to it. . It begins at 50.10. (rather fun listening to it)

I've started the  TreeHouse hat  colour Tent or is it Trent? in  Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn. So far I am finding I've got to watch the pattern.. not a mindless knit which is what I really need.

I'm in full mode of swotting for exams and my brain is rather sore.
I received notice today that I had passed my very last EVER assignment. 
I did shed a tear as I tell you this has been one hell of a journey studying in my 50's through the teenage years and my other commitments has not been all rosie at times...  
BUT I Have NOT quit even tho at times I have sure wanted to.

The FINISH line is in sight....
and if you follow me on Instagram I shared a little of what my next plans are

Yep I'm collecting Emma Bridgewater mugs in flora and fauna styles and have plans to use them in my naturopath and herbalist workshops... 
Oh and I've been asked if I will still be doing the Farm Stay for Cats... the answer is sure will be.. 

Lots of fun exciting plans!
Farm Stay Guests...

 I got a text this morning that said: "Will b late. Sam gone Awol" Yep Sammy went walk about and changed the plan. He arrived home when HE was ready and not before.

 Basil and Sammy come every Christmas Holiday and just slotted back into  my routine.

 The only time I can get a photo of the girls being still for me is when they are eating.

 Muddy and Charles kept watch. We have a pheasant that is visiting. I'll do my best to get a photo.
Amazing the amount of different birds that are arriving here.

Milo giving me the hurry up for his mince.

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