Monday, 23 November 2015


 Brent and James took Abbey to the Elton John concert. They said it was fantastic!

I was hoping for a little rooster which we were going to name Elton. Abbey chose the name and dont yea just think it is perfect for a little araucana rooster.
The raising of the eggs has not been a success. The old girl sat and cared for the 9 eggs for 3 weeks so we were all very hopeful.
Last weekend 2 eggs just disappeared. Brent looked for clues of rats or ferrets nothing. So quite a mystery. 
The poor old foster mum got badly dealt to by one of the other hens and she lost most of her comb very traumatic to witness! One sure can understand where the term hen pecked comes from.

Saturday the eggs began hatching. Three chicks died, The foster mum took two chicks out for a walk and the little grey chick was doing really well  but wibbly wobbly and the black one seemed to be thriving. Two eggs had gone cold. 

Brent and James transferred the foster mum and chicks to a pen of their own (in hindsight we should maybe of done this sooner??). At this stage the little grey chick was weak - we did witness the mother hen just sit on the chicks no matter what position the chicks were in. It is the first time the mumma hen has ever raised any chicks.

I don't want to look this morning in the nest.... but hope the two chicks left are still there and wouldn't it be wonderful if the other two eggs hatch.

 Mother Laura and daughter Maji (aka blue puss)

I've no Farm Stay Guests here now until mid December so cat lovers, photos of cats will be thin on the blog news. I did get a few photos of our cats helping me in the garden. They are terribly hard to get to stay still for a photo.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Famous cats stay here.

Pancho has so many fans on the blog so thought you all might like to see this photo of him with his mum Heidy and the Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown.

Pancho is the face of the Cat Tracker NZ that his mum Dr. Heidy Kikillus is leading the Cat Tracking in New Zealand survey. Click here to read about the other cats taking part in Wellington.
Plus you can read more about it in today's NZ Herald .

We feel very privileged to look after Pancho so his mum can travel with her work.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Lilac's and cats

The whit lilac is flowering in the moon garden and smells wonderful...
It is called Syringa vulgaris Madame Lemoine.

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho is well loved at our place - I was off duty yesterday with a migraine and the family enjoyed looking after Pancho. Pancho seems to love everybody.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bee Keeper

 The bee swarm

 The bee keeper has his hive box underneath the swarm ready to catch it
 I didn't get it on camera as it happened so fast. The bee keeper shook the tree and plop the swarm fell into the box. It was rather wonderful to watch I've never seen it happen before.

Farm Stay Guest.
Pancho possibly is thinking mmmmm these socks don't smell like lavender.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Art Exhibition

 Opening night of the art exhibition was on Sunday evening. We all went along to see James's display of his metal guitars and other music related art work.

 His chain microphone and tractor seat chair for his drums.

 James on the drums

 And on guitars.
I can't seem to remember how to put videos from my camera onto the blog. But I can get them to facebook from the Ipad which is connected to another page (man this techno stuff does my head in). If you want to see the videos click here....

 The other artists that are also in the exhibition.
It is on for two weeks if you want to pop in and have a look.

Farm Sty Guests.

Welcome back to Pancho - he had a busy day watching the antics of us girls and all the critters. One lamb decided to get out of the fenced paddock and us girls had a merry time getting it back in. Then the gosling decided to go swimming in the water trough and couldn't get out. Pancho was either scared for us girls as the parent geese tried to attack us while we were saving their gosling. Or Pancho would of been laughing his head off. Either way huge amount of excitement for him to watch.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

More Geese

 Four Canadian geese landed in our paddock yesterday. A first for the 15 years we have lived here.

 They upset the new family
 Thankfully the intruders flew off.

Farm Stay Guests.

 The sun finally came out in the afternoon - my goodness it has been cold here, The cats have had hotties during the day and us girls had the fire on inside. The cold snap really caught us out and we lost one sheep after it was shorn. It was one of last years lambs that didn't have any lambs. A bit sad really. We can't remember ever having fires still so late in November.

Beau and Sienna have arrived for a few days. So staying here at the moment we have Beau and Bella who are the seal Burmese and Sienna and Leonardo the ebony Mandalay's.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Getting ready for Summer

 Time for a haircut

 Each year I always think I'd like to learn to dye and spin wool from our sheep...

 Ewe and lamb, The lambs only get a bit of a shave around their bottoms each year.

Farm Stay Guests.
Bella and Leonardo having a scratch up. They have loved having access to the full run of the place having both runs opened up. Hope their mum is enjoying sunshine we have rain again and the fire is on tonight. This means I am still heating up hotties for all the cats.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Car Show

 The boys put the trucks in the local car show.

Farm Stay Guests. 
 Leonardo checking things out

Once again I'm multitasking nursing Bella and trying to take photos.
There is plenty of catnip around at the moment to pick to offer the cats - that is what you can see on top of their igloo.

Bella getting ready for lap time.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Spring babies

 The lambs are all thriving and growing well.

 The little gosling is well protected by Gus and Geraldine, it always walks in between them.

 The paradise ducks returned to the pond - gosh they have grown since I took their photo in October. 

The Mallard ducks brought their ducklings back to our pond and kicked up a huge ding of quacking when the hawk was circling.  It has been a wet winter and spring, never before have we had two ponds in our bottom paddock that have lasted this long.

As for our chicken eggs, the old black hen is still sitting on them - so in 2 weeks time we hopefully will have chicks. Fingers crossed for a rooster!

Farm Stay Guests.

As Leonardo and Bella are the only cats staying at the moment I've opened up both runs for them to come and go in.

With Guy Fawkes being 5th November, I'm thankful there has been no fireworks let off close to our place.  Tonight being a clear Saturday night we are prepared for no doubt some to be let off around the area. Personally I'd rather fireworks were let off one night in a public display rather than families letting them off over a few nights.... animals really don't like all the loud bangs.