Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Spring Time

 Oh my the garden is just blooming. Everyday there are new flowers popping up and saying hello Spring.

mm the white tulips I planted in the moon garden are not looking so white more of a yellow cream. I will move them and try again next year to find some true white tulips for the Moon Garden.

I've planted white sweetpeas against this fence line where Ollie is rolling about. He supervised the whole planting.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Super Moon

Last nights moon was rather spectacular, so nice to have a clear night.Tonight here in New Zealand is the Full Moon which also just happens to be a Total Lunar Eclipse (we won't see it), with the Moon being closest to the earth resulting in a Super Moon. To top it off, this Super Moon is a Blood Moon Here in New Zealand September's Moon is known as a Seed Moon and in the Northern Hemisphere a Harvest Moon.

Over on Instagram I've offered for free my Lunar Cycle Cleanse pop on over to find out more. Or flick me an email.(offer closes today)

 The Bay tree in flower under the Moon light.

 The Bay Tree in flower during daylight.

 Farm Stay Guests.

Ollie enjoyed his Sunday - we had a lovely sunny day and no cool breeze. A beautiful Spring day indeed.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Unicycle fun

James scored himself a unicycle from a scrap bin at work. He has been teaching himself to ride it over a few months. I hear the thump thump against the house from using the house to help steady himself for balance.
Last night James' friends spied his unicycle and the conversation started up how he has been teaching himself to ride it and can ride it a little bit. Of course they wanted a demo.

His friends captured the following photos using the sport fast speed shutter on his cellphone. Which is quite amazing as it all happened really fast.

 He got going, but a tad too fast going down our driveway.

Lot of fun and memories.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Ollie prodding away while he gets stroked.

Brent multitasking giving both Beau and Sienna their nightly pats. We are going to miss Beau and Sienna - they go home today.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Spring is nearly here.

It looks like we will be getting a bumper crops of Billington Plums. We also have a Black Doris plum tree that has finished flowering and was also covered in blossom. Billington is a pollinator for Black Doris. I can't quite work out how this is so as the Black Doris finishes blooming before the Billingon's blossoms open.

Farm Stay Guests.
 Brent arrived home early tonight.... Just as I was feeding the cats. Ollie popped on over to see who it was. Hows this for an impressive tail shot. Ollie has a rather nice long tail,

Beau is a character and he likes to snuggle into Brent's beard..... Murray might have to grow a beard while on holiday.

Sienna is such a sweetie. She is back to eating her mince again - This week it is mince over her fancy feast.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Peek a Boo

Oh my it is thrilling this time of year in the garden. Maybe today my tulips will be out?

Spring Festival kicks off at the Wellington Botanical Gardens and Tulip Sunday is this coming Sunday. It's an annual visit to look at the tulips.

Farm Stay Guests.

The owners have picked a good time to go away overseas. The temperatures have plummeted and we have been in mid winter temperatures. 

 Sienna lapping up her pats from Brent

 Beau getting the old head rub.

Ollie ready to pounce on Brent's lap

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Chick flicks

Us girls this week got some movies out since the boys have been busy.
Age of Adaline we  really enjoyed for a chick flick it was a 5/5 we didn't see the end coming.

Not being a Nicolas Sparks fan this again was a good chick flick watch - predictable but nice
3/5 but still worth a watch if you are in the mood for a chick flick. I enjoyed looking at Clint Eastwood's son and looking for similarities, 

Farm Stay Guests...

Beau seems to love his sister Sienna, as he is always licking her. They curl up asleep on the chair together and are actually sleeping in the outside log cabin at night instead of inside. I've been putting their hottie in the igloo inside for them. I'll start putting a hottie in the outside log cabin for them now I know they have chosen to camp outside. That way I know they will be warm whatever bed they choose.

Who says cats don't smile? Ollie was lapping up the lap time with Brent. Sometimes photos like these make me feel guilty just how disloyal cats can be and how easily they move on. But then if it was me on holiday and someone was looking after my loved pets I would enjoy seeing photos like this.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Comfort Zones.

 Isn't it soo true! But man it is scary stepping out of your comfort zone.
I can share in a day or two what I'll be doing next school term.
It's all a bit scary but very exciting.

 Another lamb has been born - they have been very staggered this year.

 Another good year of twins.

Farm Stay Guests.

A new type of treats which look ooh yucky green. I checked the packet and they are an oral care treat.
All of the cats went crazy for them.

 Ollie adores the tunnel and likes to hide in it to pounce at my legs. It is becoming part of our play routine,

  I got a fast one over Beau yesterday.
Sienna usually eats the mince while here, but not at home. I noticed she was turning her nose up at the mince so went and brought her some special tinned cat food. Put Beau's mince down first, then Sienna's tinned food. Beau was so busy wolfing his dinner he didn't notice Sienna had something different.
The best photos of Indigo eating her treats. Actually Indigo is quite funny. She sits and watched the other cats eat theirs. Then they then got to sit and watch her eat hers. I enjoy watching  the cats antics each day.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Very romantic, but....

 It's all very romantic and all having white doves flying about but the reality is they become pests.

Gasp the freshly planted seeds got worked over by the doves grrrrrr!

 Thankfully they leave the garlic alone.

 I'm terribly excited seeing the garlic pop up. This is the first year that we can actually eat the asparagus. You need to leave them alone the previous two years and let them develop ferns which feed the crowns. Once established you have repeat asparagus for 25-30 years. I bet these are going to taste so good.

Farm Stay Guests

Sienna doing her pilates.

Beau - I can hear him now calling from inside, he is a very vocal chap.
 Ollie is just too busy for a photo. It is a two person job getting a photo of Ollie.

Don't yea just love how Indigo's tail has a little curl in the photo.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mystery solved

 Well here we had thought the old hens were too old to lay - but once again they have outsmarted us and a nest was found deep under the blackberry bushes. Now they are back to being locked up until after lunch to encourage them lay their eggs in their nesting boxes.

 We have had a lot of rain this winter. Never have the bottom paddocks had ponds so deep and for so long. The geese are making the most it.

 Are you sick of lamb photos yet?

Farm Stay Guests....

 Sienna shakes and bunts while I try and get her photo

 Beau licking his chops after his dinner.

Indi didn't even give me a chance to set up her room - she was straight into her cat nuts (which is limited until her issues get resolved), Indi prefers dry food over wet.

As for Ollie he is getting his coat rather dirty rolling around on the ground - his inner city living is totally disregarded when he is here.