Thursday, 30 July 2015

Back online.

The lightning from the storms this week blew up the Spark box in our area and this meant we have not had the internet. I must admit it was quite nice being off line for a few days. But it is also nice to be back on line too. It is soo amazing how much we all use the internet, for me... especially for my study. I threw out all the dictionaries years ago as I just use Google for spelling .... But no internet had me head scratching at times

 Our early lamb has grown heaps and now finally has some friends.

 First set of twins for the season were born during the storms.

Some days I pinch myself that I am living the dream... It is rather wonderful to be able to walk down to the bottom paddocks and check if there are any new lambs and then I get to play with all the cats staying here during the day... They all have their own personalities and are fun to be with...and I get to study Naturopathy... Life has its ups and downs but it is rather good.

Farm Stay Guests....

 Basil and Sammy

Basil and Sammy are back
  They seem to remember me....Or if they don't, they sure settle in and take advantage of the situation.
I can't quite believe that they are now 9 years old.
 Sammy and Basil's mum helped me hang up the bird feeder... I always cringe when I end up with photos of the cats covered in all the seed husks the birds flick into the cat runs,,, It always shows up more on the cats with black coats.

Beau and Sienna

 Beau and Sienna are staying here too - The only thing Beau loves more than his bowl of mince is two bowls of mince. He always tucks in when he stays here.

 Sienna is the opposite.... She likes to sit back and wait ...
,,,,,, And wait  - While Buea scoffs all his.  Sienna always eats her mince later.

Coco, Omar  and Sterling

 Coco's mum tells me that Coco is a lady and likes to eat her dinner on her own and away from her brothers..... When she's here she likes to drag her meat around the place before eating it.

 Omar eats his dinner away away from Coco.

  Sterling can be a bit shy on the first day here.

But dinner in bed soon sorts that out.

There you go... All the way out now

Remember Pancho who visits? Well he is a movie director when hes not here on holiday
 Pancho has been filming footage for the World Wild life Fund

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Happy Birthday

James loves truffles

So does Stella... Shes looking down at all the truffles on the plate

My baby turned 19 - gosh that has gone fast!
He had a great day and enjoyed adding a cowbell and some new sticks to the drum kit. 
James has turned out to be a bit of a natural when it comes to drumming. 

Incase you are like me and also have no idea what one does with a cowbell.... James gave me the following video to put on the blog to explain.... Lots of classic rock songs use cowbell.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Yarn Along

 I've chosen another basic  baby item to knit - a little vest. My mind needs easy by the end of a study day.

 Reese Witherspoon is reading to me Go Set A Watchman while I knit, garden or walk at the moment. Her voice is perfect for Harper Lee's book. I've not read any reviews but so far I am enjoying being back in Maycomb.

Farm Stay Guest

sniff sniff Pancho goes home today.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Getting ready to go home

Pancho has been the right old tom boy while staying here. 
He goes home this week so I thought I'd better try and make him look as pretty as he arrived.
Thankfully he adores being brushed

 He doesn't even mind me brushing his tummy and under the arms. My cats would not put up with this.

I was quite relieved to see his tummy is still crisp white, if it wasn't for the blog photos his mum would never believe me how hard he tried to get grubby while staying here.

Pancho seems to like being told he is a pretty boy.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

This morning out my kitchen window

Pancho loves spending his time outside

 I open the window and call out to him and he meows.....
I wonder if he camped out all night in his log cabin... 
Or if he snuggled up inside with his hottie and then came out early. 

 He was nice and dry this morning,,, Not like yesterday and I could brush out his fur for him,
 I'm so scared he is going to get dreadlocks while staying here. 
Pancho is a very friendly fellow and loves a good conversation when he is being brushed

Thursday, 16 July 2015

View from my kitchen window.

I smiled watching Pancho's bird watching antics this morning

 He is quite happy to sit in the rain and watch the birds through the bars of the chair. I'm not sure what his mum is going to think when she picks him up. He normally is an inside cat at home and immaculately groomed. He keeps getting dirty here.... Maybe he wants dreadlocks.
I wasn't able to brush him this morning because he happily got dripping wet. He dried off but again happily got wet late this afternoon.

Once it stopped raining Pinot got to go out in his run, He was happy to sit in comfort and watch the birds coming and going.

Yarn Along

 With it being winter here I'm stuck inside at night so to keep my hands busy I'm knitting baby gear. Some of my friends are going to be grandparents, I am so enjoying knitting a little something for their daughters. The striped cardi is nearly finished,,,, I just need help on picking up stitches around the neck. Thankfully I have a daughter who is a knitter and a designer, and said she would do it for me. No I didn't teach Abbey to knit, she was homeschooled and taught herself. I give credit to Mathusee for her maths ability - designing patterns needs a maths brain as well as a creative brain.

 My second reversible hat - I think they are soo cute.

 We have had a couple of good frosts down our way brrrr Brent puts feed sacks over the lime tree and other frost tender trees.

 I never quite know how I stumble onto books to listen to on audio. I think I chose this book as
 The Millionaire Next Door is one of my favourite books. I think the word millionaire caught my eye. (I do think I'd cope quite well being a millionaire).
I've been pleasantly surprised and really enjoying listening to Marc Allen's book. He was a publisher and published Shakti Gawain's books which gosh I read when I was 18. Must see if I can get any of her books to listen to.

I've been quiet in blog world as my head has just been in study mode - Year 3 of my naturopathy diploma sure has upped the workload. My head gets rather sore with all the knowledge going in. I've been fascinated about learning diagnostic signs of the tongue - all my friends must be sick of me asking them to poke their tongue out so I can practise what all the signs mean. I must admit if I come across a celebrity who has a photo of their tongue I zoom in and read it,

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

We Arrive Here With Our Own Toys You Know

The weather is a bit rough here today... 

Pinot says "Its ideal for some indoor stuff ... Go on pull the string..."

 Yeah..... Rat Fishing

Pancho says -  Hmmm you have got me all frisky now.... & I'm not going to tell you where my blue bird is

 Its not in here