Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Farm Stay Guests....


I nearly got Bella to look at the camera.

The day started off a warm winters day with the sun shinning, but come lunchtime the sun went and grey winter was back

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Another sunny winters day

 Bella doing a bit of stretching in the sun

 Leonardo checking out the other guests...
Leonardo's view

Symba. Amber and Shiloh

We hope their families are having as much sun as we are.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Creative kids.

Abbey has one of her knitting designs as a kit click here to see it. 

 I got billed for a tractor seat off Trade Me that James brought - As you do!
He has turned his tractor seat into a chair for his work bay. It has wheels so the chair is quite movable.

Farm Stay Guests.....

  Leonardo busy checking everything out

 Bella only just turned around, she had been watching the sheep and lamb

 I have photos to prove Symba and Amber are quite good mates here

Shiloh enjoying the tunnel.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Another sunny winter's day

Warning! There is going to be way too much lamb photos over the next few weeks. 
Lambing is my favourite part of living here.

Farm Stay Guests..

Leonardo and Bella arrived today - They have been here before and as usual.... Just walked on in as if they owned the place.

See what I mean - Like really Bella! You are going to jump onto my shoulder as I go past -  Brent loves it when this happens.... I don't.

 I've shared before what a dud of a cat toy this one is.

Yay... Amber & Shiloh think this is awesome - But what the photo is not showing is that it is up to me to bat the ball around the track and then the cats just watch the ball go around and around..... Not my best purchase.

Meanwhile Symba chose to ignore this game and sit in the sun.

Lambing has begun

Yea the shortest day is over - End of winter, well how I wish - But nope it is not spring, but we do have a lamb. This is the earliest lamb we have ever had.

They do have a habit here of being born during very cold and or wet nights and this little girl was no exception.

 Thankfully we have a week of sunshine forecasted

So now we are watching the other ewes - We didn't think there had been any "action" in the paddock  back in January and weren't expecting lambs here until next month.

 The little lamb is doing fabulously and seems to be thriving.

 She has caused quite some interest.Gus has already established that "He is boss"

Farm Stay Guests,
 Hmmm - I am going to bash you
If you look the other way I wont bash you

 uh uh - don't look at me
 Hmm Im boss today

 Uh Uh - your looking at me - I told you not to
Shall we play instead?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


 The winter chill is here but still a rainbow appeared.

Farm Stay Guests...

 I've won over Symba and he is now me mate. A blurry photo as he was coming up to give the camera lens a closer look.

 Ahhh a nice photo of Symba. Most of the regulars walk out of the carry cage like they own the place,  some can take a day or two to settle.  Lots of quite gentle talks from me and pats, plus little cat treats of food are my tricks.

Like honestly! These cats are used to living on a farm - being outside catching rabbits. Here they have been spending all day inside. I've been heating them up 3 hotties, one for each bed - that may be the reason. Symba, Amber and Shiloh haven't been snuggling up together - Each has staked a claim i.e. a bed with a hottie all to themselves.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Stood up

About 8pm Friday night teenage boys arrived for a visit. Being the mothering sort, I was worried about them driving home. They had a 4WD vehicle and assured me they would be fine. They left here about 10.30pm. The next morning I found out they ended helping out putting cones in place and delivering sandbags to people whose homes were threatened by flooding - one of the boys even made it on the news. They had quite the adventure didn't they.

At 8.30 Saturday morning I was at the rendezvous waiting to meet a man delivering pet food. I normally go to his shop but he had said they do deliveries down my way so to save myself time I thought I'd try out the delivery option. I was stood up - for good reason the bridge was washed out from all the rain and he couldn't get through.

Farm Stay Guests....

WHAT no mince! Nope the meat couldn't get through so it was tinned food for dinner. Amber hoovered it up.

  Symba and Amber have swapped beds - Symba is now in the igloo and Amber has his chair. Symba came out to see me in the afternoon so now I know he is settled. Today the rain has stopped so the cats no doubt will enjoy being able to sit outside today.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Slowly accepting...

I'm slowly accepting winter is nearly here, even though Meteorologists consider winter began in New Zealand on the  1st June - I hold off until Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year, but not the coldest by no means. It has been cold and dark. Dark nights, stuck inside... I just don't get why people love winter....
There has been lots of knitting and watching tv at nights. Netflix has arrived in New Zealand and we signed up for a months free trial perfect timing for winter nights.

 Yesterday I had finished another huge assignment and gave myself permission to sit and knit by the fire watching season 3 of Orange is the New Black . What a fab show (have to shut eyes often and learn way more than I need to) But the writers and actors take me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I'm looking forward to season 4 - Looks like there is a Martha Stewart character coming into the show. Hope they have the inmates knitting ponchos.  

We have our turkey ready and the bonfire pile is waiting to be lit to mark the turn of the wheel and celebrate Winter Solstice.

Farm Stay guests....

 Amber has accepted  she is here for a holiday. She has claimed the igloo to sleep in.

 Shiloh is more than at home and has claimed one of the chairs as her spot.

Amber thinking of changing beds....

 As for Symba he was a little more settled. I woke in the night worrying about the fella with all the heavy rain, as he had tucked himself up in the outdoor house at my last check in.  I need not of worried as in the morning I found him asleep inside tucked up under all the blankets and quilts on the other chair. I didn't make him have a photo. But he let me give him a pat and accepted being hand feed cat nuts in bed, so Symba is also slowly accepting he is back here again.