Thursday, 30 April 2015

Continue on from yesterday re clothes...

I don't have an issue with holding onto old unwanted clothes mainly due to space.
But saying that I have a sheepskin jacket that I have not worn in years and is in my wardrobe.
Time for it to go no matter how many wonderful memories is sparks.

Living in a small home means little tricks of how to fold your clothes for your draws are wonderful.

"To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those things that have outlived their purpose"
Marie Knodo

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Project 333

On the 21st March 2011 I began my first Project 333. Which basically encouraged you to look at your wardrobe and choose 33 items to wear for 3 months.

The Basics from Be more with less
  • What: 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes.
  • What not: these items are not counted as part of the 33 items – wedding ring or other sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear, and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)
  • How: Choose your 33 items, box up the remainder of your fashion statement, seal it with tape and put it out of site.
  • What else: consider that you are creating a wardrobe that you can live, work and play in for three months. Remember that this is not a project in suffering. If your clothes don’t fit or are in poor condition, replace them
More blogs to check out to get your head around project 333
 (these may be old links but what I based my research on back in 2011)

Fast forward three  years, my life and day has changed from a home schooling mum to a student who attends seminars, courses and meets clients.

Above is a typical day - I need at home clothes and going out in clothes.
I run a hobby Farm Stay for cats so my home clothes need to be sturdy enough for getting down on the floor, both indoor and outdoors as I like to interact with the cats. I need clothes that can get pulls from claws and not worry about getting fur on. I also spend an awful amount of time in my garden.

For the other hours of my day I need a more tidy wardrobe and this is what I've based Project 333 on. I'm an apple on stick also known as the lollipop type figure so I tend to wear loose baggy, flowing layers. But as I am a fire personality I really don't like a lot of fuss and bother so tend to dress casual/dressy in clothing that is practical and comfortable. Oh and I really love colour, which is hard to find as most shops only offer fuller figure girls black.

 I find I suit warm autumn tones, so have been building up my wardrobe with these colours. I've got probably better examples on my Pinterest board.

Looking at my autumn/winter wardrobe I was short on shoes, I only have 1 pair of mules, Doc's, Black dress boots, black dress pumps, bronze dress pumps and now these new Fly London Boots which are soo comfortable. I got them from Superminx in Raumati (DANGEROUS SHOP)

My 33 items.
5 dresses (one I only wear as an under layer)
3 dust coats, taupe, black , purple
1 thicker dust coat
2 warm jackets (one not in photo)
1 cream pant
1 leggings
1 jean (needs replacing looking scruffy)
4 3/4 sleeved tops (green, purple, orange, rust)
1 long sleeved pale purple
3 Tunics
3 scarves
2 necklaces (want a new pewter/bronze colour)
2 handbags black and green (want a sand colour)
6 pairs shoes
Total 35 I can live with that as dress in many thin layers.

This faux wrap dress really suits my figure - I hope to find more of this style dress.

 I love the green ballet flaps, but not the best buy as they really are not a colour I tend to wear sadly.
I need more colours that will go under my colourful autumn coat too than just rust.

All I have to look for this season is a new brown top to go under the autumn coat, a pewter necklace (I suit long chunky ones), sand coloured handbag, new pair of jeans, another sand dust jacket as mine is getting old and another warm wrap.

I've got my eye in this one

Taking the time to mix n match the clothes and take photos to hang inside the wardrobe door also helps with the I've nothing to wear moments.

Do let me know if you have tried the project 333. I love it - keeps me focused on what I need or want to buy each season, gives me more room as I pack up summer and spring clothes which gives me more room in draws and wardrobe (we have very limited space living in a 1900 villa). Plus it keeps me on track being a minimalist. 

Yep that is my wardrobe space that I have to share with Brent.

We are going to build wardrobes into our bedroom (still will be small) when I've finished studying as I really don't think I'm in the head space to make choices and workmen. But I have spoken to German Kitchens who build beautiful wardrobes and they will build to our space plus take the wardrobe to the high ceilings so I can pack way seasonal clothes. Take a look at the wardrobes, they are out of this world...

Monday, 27 April 2015

It is PARTY time....

I did it - all done and dusted the assignments I needed to complete for year 2 naturopathy course.
Lets hope there are no red pen marks all over my marked assignments. I don't think there will be!

I now have a few weeks off to PARTY.... before I start my final year. 

Phew Phew Phew

To be honest I have a few weeks to get my house in shape as to be real, only what has had to be done has happened while I had a massive push to complete the last HUGE HUGE HUGE assignment.

I thank my family for ignoring dust bunnies and looking at the ironing pile sitting on the couch. PLUS they brought me some totally non naturopathic stress food to help me get over the hump. Sugar has been my friend the last week... Sometimes one just gotta give up ideals to do what yea gotta do to get through.

So I'm gonna be busy while I autumn clean, do some quilting, gardening and sort out my seasonal wardrobe by packing away my summer clothes and get out the autumn clothes. Look through cookbooks for some new inspirational autumn cooking... I'm hanging out for pumpkin soup I must say.

 See real live dust bunnies on my floor...

 If you follow me on my Naturopath facebook you might of seen I've been teaching myself how to watermark the photos I take of the herbs I grow.

You may of seen them on Instagram too. I'm very new to instagram and oh my it is way fun and fast. You can upload a photo to Instagram and facebook at the same time. Quickly give a heart to let people  know you enjoyed their photo... so much faster than blogging and leaving comments.

Plus I've brought a domain name and some young boys whose family own MandaBurms cats that we bred are making me a website. It did my head in trying to learn where to start. I'm hugely greatful to them and very excited.

PLUS a photography student, Summer, from Summer Shimizu Photography is taking portrait shots of me for profile shots on the new website. I really don't like my photo taken! Summer came around last week to work out where on our property she was going to take photos and had me totally relaxed. Being a student myself I like to support other students.

So there you go all the goss of the exciting stuff happening around here,

Right off to put my naturopathy and herbal books away so we can use the dining room table again.
And I better go do some ironing.....

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Earthquake and movies

A very first happened yesterday. We were  in a movie theatre while a 6.2 earthquake strikes. ..
Earthquakes are not my favourtie things in the world.

As for the movie us girls really enjoyed it!

Friday, 24 April 2015


Autumn crocuses  (Colchicum autumnale) also known as meadow saffron. They are also known as naked ladies as the flowers appear before the leaves.

If one is a forager it is really best to know which crocuses are edible as these are actually not from the crocus family. They are from the colchicaceae and the order of Liliales and are poisonous.

They are rather wonderful to have in the garden and the bees get quite busy loading themselves up with pollen.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Best pants ever

Oh My, I am in love with moleskin pants from Just Jeans. They are soo much warmer than jeans.
I'm hoping they will bring out more colours than just black and stone.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

All ready for Spring

The weekend was a busy time planting 320 daffodils and 50 yellow tulips underneath the flowering cherry trees and kowhai's that are up the side of our driveway. They are tucked up with pea straw hoping to deter the pukeko's. Come spring it is going to look soo pretty.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


We are having such beautiful Autumn days - it is ever so hard to be stuck inside sitting on ones butt studying. The current assignment on pathology  it is taking me HOURS and HOURS (it's meant to only take 70 hours but I'm way over that especially with all the research). 

I've nearly finished researching 34 illnesses and written a report on each one. Got so over that that I jumped to question  4 where I had to identify and explain medical emergencies. 

Today I'll tackle question 3 where I have to choose a hereditary  or a genetic disease to research and write an essay. I've chosen Turner Syndrome.

Then it is back to question 2 and again research and write a report about another 12 conditions.
Once I've done that I'll go back and finish question 1.

It is not often I jump around answering assignments - but for this one I seem to need to. The assignments are soo in depth which is good as the training will all come in handy. I'm learning soo much

It is my last assignment for year 2 of my Naturopathy course before I start year 3 on the 11th May. I had soo hoped to of had some time off before I started year 3... but at the rate I'm going I won't get much time in the garden or to play quilting before then. 

Maybe I research too in depth but my mind gets soo interested.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Rory the Rooster.

A watercolour painting of Rory the rooster by Annabelle Rodger

Our family has been blessed again with another wonderful watercolour painting by Annabelle.
Annabelle knew how fond I especially was of my old rooster Rory. I think she has captured his essence just perfect. 

The Story of Rory.

Rory Rooster was a true character and a real gentleman to “his girls”. He would protect them fiercely in the event of danger but was very gentle to them and us too. Often he would scratch up a patch of ground and then stand back and watch while “his girls” had a meal of grubs, worms and other chicken delights.

In comparison the new rooster “Prince” who was a nasty, mean,  bully, a thug, and very sadistic in his approach to the girls. He attacked Leanne and Abbey without reason. He had a go at James a couple of times but got more than he bargained for. The short version is he was terminated!


Rory, he does have an interesting story.

We had him for 13 years and he was an adult when we got him.
In year 2000 we purchased our property. Back then it was just a house surrounded by trees around the perimeter and not much else. Fences were required and sheds needed to be built.
Early on we realised we were going to have trouble with our neighbour. She turned up with a yummy chocolate cake the moment we arrived and wanted to know everything about us. With no barn to work in at night Brent passed the time booting a ball into the paddock for Max the Dobermann. Max was a young bloke and full of beans, Try as Brent did he could not wear him out. They would be away on a remote beach for hours with Max charging ahead. Max would cover five times the distance Brent did and still be “Ready to Rock”.
Every night “Max the bloke” and Brent would be kept busy burning off steam booting a ball into the paddock with Max returning in a jiffy with the rugby ball in his gob. BOOT – here it is dad, BOOT – here it is dad.

The neighbour arrived and began ranting about the noise. What noise? There was no barking but it was the sound of the kicking of a ball. Like really? The lady had come over to complain about the sound of a ball being kicked on our property of 3 acres. End result – no more chocolate cakes.
The barn got built and the neighbour moaned about the earthmover and she moaned about the builder. One night Brent was in the barn and she moaned about the noise Max the Doberman made when he nosed his frizbie around the floor while waiting for Brent to climb down off the scaffold while he was wiring the lights.

The neighbour moaned if Brent built a fence, she rang the noise police. She rang the noise police again when during the weekend in daylight hours the goat house was being built. If Brent nailed in a nail she rang the noise police.
One day the council turned up with a search warrant requesting that we reveal what was inside our barn and what we were doing. They informed us that we are zoned rural and that it is not an industrial area. We invited the council into our barn and the lady said it looked like her dad’s shed.

The relationship with the neighbour hit rock bottom the night Brent was bolting a new tow bar onto the Chev. He was towing the trailer to Auckland the next day and it had to be done. The key word is “bolted” this means no hammering, no grinding, no swearing. Just Max the Doberman nosing his Frisby and the occasional tink of a spanner on the bolt. Brent was all finished and the barn locked up by 10pm. The kids were in bed hours ago and Leanne was also tucked up in bed.
There was an almighty bashing on the door and much hysterical shrieking to be heard… It was the neighbour, she woke up the kids and Leanne and even Max began barking. Brent turned on the house lights and opened the door to a full on woman ranting. That is the short version of the event. The neighbour left and left the gates open so that our animals could have gotten on the road. The last straw had just broken.

If she says we are too noisy we are going to be noisy!

Around this time the mother in law told us the story of the Rooster at Foxton Motor Camp. Apparently the rooster started up at 3.30am in the morning much to the horror of the campers. The motor camp owner was in a pickle.  He liked the rooster and chickens wandering about but was fed up with the noise complaints.
Upon hearing this a devious twinkle was seen in our eyes. To be sure this saga was to be engineered with the correct outcome Leanne contacted the city council to make sure we could have a rooster on the property. The answer was yes as we are zoned rural.

Rory and his chickens arrived the next day. The very next morning at 3.30am COCKA DOODLE DOOO loud and clear. We had got ourselves a true professional rooster!

After a week and a half of the daily dawn chorus we noticed a for sale sign up at the neighbours, Rory the rooster had achieved what months of negotiation and diplomacy had failed.
We were blessed with his presence for many years and didn’t mind his early morning chorus. In fact the place isn’t the same without him.

Rory outlived the hens he came with, we got some more girls for him which James named Betty, Angie and Carol after the local librarians. Angie lives on here with Clara and Brodie as retired pets who occasionally leave us an egg.

 Left Betty & Angie (white), Brodie at back, Clara and Carol.

 We just adore the way Annabelle has painted Rory, She says 'I have always loved roosters, but have found in many drawings, ceramics and photographs over the years they always look so perfect. This lovely proud wee gentleman lived a full, happy life with his lovely owners and his gorgeous girl hens, and it showed, and I just had to paint him in this guise.  I think the appropriate word is 'dishabille".''

 You too can have a Rory - Annabelle has added Rory into her line of gift cards. Click here to learn more,,,

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Winter Goodness

Annabel Langbein has set her Free Range Foodies a task in celebration of her Winter Goodness book which is due to be released 27th April. She has asked that we take a photo that represents our own Winter Goodness. She is having daily spot prizes where her Free Range Foodies can choose anything from her website to win,

I'd love to win her Through the Seasons cookbook

Our family is very much into the rhythms of the seasons and we eat to the seasons hence why I wanna win this book!
I've had the book quite a few times out from the library so would sure love to own it.

You can help me win by giving the following photo a Facebook a like and Instagram a heart.

Winter Goodness to me means Winter Solstice / Yule. Which is on Saturday 20th June this year. The shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere (longest in the Northern Hemisphere). 

 "Solstice: is derived from two Latin words "sol" meaning sun and "sistere" to stand still. It is the time at which the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky due to the tilt of the earth's axis. At noon the sun reaches its lowest altitude and as the sun faces the most northern point it stands still. It is all very imperceptible but here in New Zealand, we will receive the less sun on June 20th, making it the shortest  day of the year.

It is a time to celebrate the return of the sun. Starting on the 21st June at sunrise, the sun will begin to climb a little higher and stay longer in the sky each day. However Winter Solstice is the darkest time, it is not the coldest. The days will get gradually longer but the worst of winter is still yet to come, It takes at least three to six weeks after Winter Solstice for the coldest temperatures of the year to occur which is due to the oceans ability to store and release heat.

As the days get longer.... the cold grows stronger

Our family celebrates the Wheel of the Year and we all look forward to Winter Solstice which is celebrated with simple gifts shared. A feast of  roast turkey, potatoes, kumera, pumpkin, yams, carrots, silver beet and cabbage from the garden. The ritual of burning the Yule log harvested from our property starts a roaring fire. We play a family board game usually Catan and  it all feels very much like a Northern Hemisphere Christmas.

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Annabel Langbein. For more information on sponsorship click here.

@annabellangbein  #wintergoodness #freerangefoodies

An old Fella

Mack the mastiff looks soo sad in these photos doesn't he.

Mack has been off his food.
Cooked sausages won't tempt him - which is what he has been eating for months. Maybe he is just over sausages.
He is only wanting to eat cooked porridge with a nob of butter - if hand fed. (The length an animal lover goes to tempt and old faithful fella).

He did eat some gourmet poodle food - tinned food for small dogs...

Other than being picky with his food he is happy.. a tad cantankerous barks to go in and out... and as he is old he gets to play on this .... we let him in and out... but how can you growl at an old fella?

Friday, 17 April 2015


Woman in Gold is an amazing movie - both Abbey and I enjoyed it - a 5/5 from us.
The portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is hanging in the Neuegalerie in New York.

My friend is in New York at the moment and I do hope she gets time to pop in and see the painting in real life.
 She is one of the invited guests for Endometriosis Foundation of America.

She attended the Blossom Ball and I've been enjoying seeing the selfies on Facebook with some famous actors who attended giving their support to Endo.

Our boys thought the selfie with Norman Reedus was "cool" - they watch Walking Dead

I didn't realise just how big a deal the Blossom Ball was until I googled and saw some awesome actors and actresses that attended. to support Endo.

 Selenis Leyva from the tv show Orange is the New Black 

Oh my I did not recognize Emma Myles also from Orange is the New Black.

Padma Lakshmi and Christian Slater. Padma Lakshmi is the co-founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America. 

Hearing Girls in Pain
TO THE EDITOR: (New York Times
Re “Young, Suffering and Ignored (March 31): I have lived with endometriosis since I was 13. I’ve dealt with severe pain, and many other symptoms that no one understood and often didn’t accept were as bad as I described. I’ve also suffered loneliness and the innate sense that I would never be normal. I was primed to accept this as my lot in life, solely because of being a woman. At 36 I was finally correctly diagnosed.
Too many girls are dismissed for too long when they complain about pain. Endo also affects a girl's self-esteem and emotional well being, I founded the Endometriosis Foundation of America with  Dr. Tamer Seckin because I don’t want the next generation to go through this.
We've made presentations to 6,300 high school students through our ENPOER program in New York to combat issues discussed in this article.
Thank you for shedding light on this important health crisis.
Padma Lakshmi
New York

Endometriosis New Zealand has done an amazing job educating woman and doctors of this debilitating disease. Our personal family journey with Endo has been horrific, ambulance trips with pain,  one pediatrician advising us the excruciating pain is just period pain and that "endometriosis is just a fashionable illness". We were proactive in researching the signs and symptoms and with help from Endometriosis and support from our GP, a surgeon was chosen who performed laser laparoscopic surgery and with excision removed the lesions. It was the worst case, the specialised surgeon had seen for her age group.