Saturday, 31 January 2015

Farm Stay Guests

Pinot enjoying another beautiful day here - Sunbeam bathing 

Sterling Likes watching the geese and Pukekos in the padock

Coco and Omar aren't interested - But they are interested in eating mince

Pancho is a very friendly fellow - Hmm Toe rub

Hmm maybe not


“The Earth is a living place of secret teachings. It is not two-dimensional words on a page, not a static thing, but a living, ever-flowing communication of meaning. … 
The teachings themselves, you’ll see, are in many instances specific.
 You will begin to notice that you are not encountering the majority of them by chance.
 You are being drawn to them.” 

Stephen Harrod Buhner, from The Secret Teachings of Plants.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Farm Stay Guests....

Coco and Omar getting tucked up after their dinner

Sterling made himself a tent

 Pinot knew some new puddy tats had arrived.

 Pinot really checked them out.

 Today was cooler and Pancho made the most of the draught

 We just love how Pancho crosses his paws.


I wagged study yesterday afternoon and went to the beach for a swim. 
It has been one long hot summer - not that I am complaining I adore the sun and summer.
I have a nice little spot at the beach where there are not many people. PURE BLISS.
I might wag again today. 
On Sunday we are meant to have rain - the garden will be pleased

My herbs are suffering in this beautiful HOT, DRY, summer, The peppermint is hanging in there. It throws a beautiful flower don't you think?

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Farm Stay Guests....

I taught I taw - a - 

 I did! I did! 

I did see a Gander

Pancho was most interested in the happenings in the outside run

Stand off situation!....

Can you hear the Spanish guitar music playing?

Just like in the old westerns when there's a show down looming

 Once a bad ol' gander, always a bad ol' gander -

 luckily Geraldine goose arrived to defuse the situation

But wait....Where did Pinot get that Geraldine goose feather from?

Garden Party

The weather looks like it is going to be fine for the Garden Party at the Governor General's house.

February 6, 2015 marks 175 years since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. In 1840 representatives of the British Crown met with over 500 Maori chiefs in Waitangi, Northland, to sign what is considered to be New Zealand’s founding document. The treaty is not perfect but it is the only one we have. The treaty does stir up a lot of emotions for many kiwi's.

Over the years I have enjoyed doing the family tree and learning about our original family members who settled in New Zealand. David Galloway and his wife Ann arrived in Petone on the Bengal Merchant 10th March 1840 from Scotland. On 1st April 1847 an agreement was signed at Porirua by ten Maori leaders. Boundaries were redefined, further payment made to the Maori owners and a substantial area set aside as 'Native Reserve'. The settlers could now move onto their land. David Galloway was allocated 40 acres at Pautahanui. David acted for many years as a Maori interpreter which makes me think he must of had a good relationship with the local Maori to learn their language. Sadly in my school years we did not learn to speak Maori, we learnt some songs, how to count to ten in Maori and how to swing a Poi. We learnt more about the Amazon river than our own land. English history was taught more than New Zealand's history. In my parent's days Maori were punished for speaking Maori in schools. Now a days Maori language is taught extensively in schools which I think is a good thing.
I'm personally fascinated with learning Rongoa Maori, Maori medicine and native herbs. So for me as a kiwi I am very proud to be attending in one of the Waitangi Day events in New Zealand to celebrate 175 years of the treaty.

Playing ladies is a whole new world for me. I was told by a friend "one cannot show their toes to the Governor General".  Plus I learnt there is such a thing as day shoes. Thankfully I picked day shoes (not that I knew they were day shoes I picked them because of the colour).  I've been forcing myself to wear in my shoes I must look a sight in dressing gown and shoes, shorts and shoes while I sit and study and I even wear my shoes while hanging out the washing. After being a stay at home mum for 21 years wearing barefeet and gumboots one really gets out of the loop of being girly.

Next week is all about the fascinator .....

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Farm Stay Guest...
Man cat time rattle up - Pinot gives some good loud rumbling purrs.

It's that time again

Time for wood splitting and gathering wood for winter

 The truck is ready for the firewood tasks.

Farm Stay Guests...
Pinot nearly clobbered me last night - I got him a tad too frisky on catnip again.

Don't mess with MY catnip says those ears.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy Birthday

 Laura is 12 years old today - she was one of the first cats we bred. She is from the Little House on the Prairie litter (we named all our litters after books) 

 In Laura's breeding career she had 15 litters and 98 kittens.
6 kitties born Jan 04
7 kitties born Sep 04
6 kitties born May 05
8 kitties born Nov 05
8 kitties born July 06
8 kitties born Nov 06
9 kitties born May 07
9 kitties born Nov 07
7 kitties born July 08
8 kitties born Jan 09
5 kitties born July 09

2 kitties born Jan 10
6 kitties born June 10
3 kitties born Dec 10
6 kitties born June 11

I'm often asked if I will breed cats again - but I don't think so. I didn't like having to move on the old cats once they got too old for breeding. Visitors also appreciate using the bathroom without kitten in it too.

Laura is able to live out her years here as a pampered retired girl.

When we stopped breeding, we opened up the Farm Stay and the kittens we bred  come back for a holiday. It really is wonderful seeing how the kittens have grown and the joy the cats bring their owners.

Charles is Laura's litter mate and he comes each Christmas to stay. He is a character like Laura.

Farm Stay Guest.

Laura is an Aunty to Pinot

I didn't get one photo of Pinot looking at the camera. 
There is just too many other things to see

Monday, 26 January 2015

Summer Lovin

Doesn't that tail speak volumes

 We are having a fab summer - long hot sunny days and nights

Farm Stay Guests...

Pinot found the cat nip I have growing which turned him into a flipped out ball of ecstasy

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Farmers Market

 We don't have a true Farmers Market where the growers only sell what they grow - nor can I find organic suppliers. But we have some fruit and vegetable stalls that have amazing prices and products.
My fruit and vege came to $55.00 which included a box of cherries, watermelon and apricots. Oh how I do love eating to the seasons.
 There is a local fishmonger that has a stall - Waikanae Crabs. Oh my the flounder was delish. So fresh! I will be returning weekly just for their fish. I baked the flounder in the oven for about 20 minutes with lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves.

Served it with a fresh green salad, nasturtium leaves and flowers and Cauliflower Tabbouleh based on the recipe from My Petite Kitchen Cookbook..I'm one of those cooks who never follows recipes.

Cauliflower Tabbouleh
1/2 raw cauliflower florets chopped up finely
Herbs - handful of each fresh from garden parsley, coriander and mint. Remove the stalks and chop fine
Garlic - now we like garlic so adapt to your taste - 4 large cloves minced fine
Handful of sundried tomatoes chopped fine
juice of one lemon
enough olive oil to taste I don't measure just chuck it in.
Salt n pepper - ( I use himalayan salt) 
The salad needs to sit and let some acid cooking happen from the lemon, so prepare the salad first.

The Nobel Estate Olive oil has a nice peppery taste perfect for salads

I've been getting my honey and olive oil from the Waikanae market, but the veges and oh my the fish is from Waikanae Crabs which are at the Paraparaumu Beach  Market.  

I knew I had a photo of me with my flounder I caught I was and still am  mighty proud of that catch. It still is my only one I've ever caught. Look at those legs... they are still that skinny too as I'm an apple on sticks which I've learned in my naturopathy study is known as a Driver Endocrine body type.
The people who are doing the Lunar Phase Cleanse will all get their endocrine body type in the waxing moon phase. which is when they come out of the detox.
It's the last day of my at home holiday today - back to normal with farm stay guests and study. I'm learning about iridology at the moment in my naturopathy studies and man it is a new language to learn. I've been getting the sodium ring mixed up with the skin ring and the smeared and coloured lymph rosaries. I can't help myself really look into peoples eyes when I speak to them and think to myself are you a silk linen, linen, hessian or net type.