Monday, 13 October 2014


Seven tui's in the virgillia tree. New Zealand tui's are the first birds to sing in the morning and it is their bird song we hear last at dusk. A big buzz to have seven visit at once.
The virgillia tree is inside our cats run so our cats get very excited when birds visit their tree. 

Farm Stay Guests.

Pancho says HI to his mum. He is enjoying his stay. He LOVES his food he came with. In fact that is all he will eat. He turns his nose up at mince. We brought more fancy feast just for Poncho so he gets to have a variety. So far he eats every type of fancy feast he is offered.


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  2. Sorry about the deleted comment. The spell checker went wacky and didn't notice until after I had pushed the publish button. Pancho is adorable and the video was great too.

  3. Awesome video Leanne. You got great sound PLUS great picture. I tried to video ours' yesterday but I was looking into the sun and it didn't go so well.

  4. Yes, as Raewyn said it was a great video with great sound. I have tried but not picked up their song. I have had 6 - 8 tui in my garden all winter and they have been getting through 4.5 litres of syrup a day. Things are slowing up now.

  5. The tuis are beautiful, nature is so warming and lifting.