Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Another Full Moon

One of my favourite things is to sit out under the moon, last nights moon was rather special and no could whoop whoop

Just think in a few months time I'll be bush bathing by the full moon

Farm Stay Guests...

Brent came home early so I could go out to group night. He helped me with the cats - aka he gets all the pats while I zoom around and do the maids work

 Nala sure likes the men folk.

Doesn't that face just show pure bliss

Ollie sure enjoys the firmer back strokes that men tend to do.


  1. Aww lovely to see Nala has settled in - she will be loving the pats and cuddles! Thanks Leanne :)

  2. I was so disappointed with our full moon as the last couple of nights have been really cloudy!! Your bath is positioned perfectly for moon gazing.

  3. I keep forgetting to stay awake for the full moon :) I go to bed way too early.