Sunday, 31 August 2014

Off to Collect Ollie - farm stay guest

There are some things I will NOT do. Going up in the cable car to collect Ollie is one of them.
On arrival I stay at the bottom and text his family - "I am here" and they bring Ollie down to me.

Didn't take long for Ollie to feel at home. Ollie is here for about three weeks while his family have their holiday,. I get a big buzz knowing that the owners feel really relaxed about bringing their cats for us to look after. Most of the cats that come to stay have been cats we have bred so they are kinda mine and I love seeing them all come back to stay. Plus as a pet owner I've tended not liked going away over the years as I'd worry about all of our pets. Therefore I really "get" how pet owners want their cats fussed over and want their cats to be happy while they have their own holiday.

Ok lets try if I did actually get a video to work.

Or Click here to see Leonardo and Bella  farm stay guests.
Be kind, I've not really done much videoing and being very vulnerable putting on the web my cat voice...But it's how I do talk to the cats and they get me which is I suppose the most important don't yea think!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day out

A day out was in order.

We popped into Ruth Pretty's for a cuppa tea. If I wasn't studying I'd ask to work here

 I'd be happiest pottering in her potager.

Just love her quote from her book Ruth Pretty Cooks at Home.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday do as you please.

Oh MY! We went and saw the movie Magic in the Moonlight. what a yawn, wet movie! 
Predictable from the start - so I fell sound asleep at 11am in the movie theatre. 
Honest I slept through most of it, woke up towards the end and didn't miss any of the plot...
 Normally I love anything with Colin Firth

I came home and took videos of the lambs and cats - but for the life of me I can't work out how to log into google or microsoft to up load the videos to show you. So that is my homework for the weekend, to work out how to upload videos to the blog/facebook. Not that you really want to hear me talk crazy cat lady to the cats.
Am I the only one in the world that talks high pitch to cats?
Maybe I can't upload those videos for a reason.....

Oh and I've booked my ticket for a trip across the sea - way out of my comfort zone.
(I'm already homesick)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Yarn Along

My Monet scarf is nearly finished.

I just adore the colours, totally me! Sure reminds me of a Monet garden

As you can see I'm nearly finished. I've loved this project - it has been perfect for having a little something to do that is mindless and able to be picked up and put down in short bursts of time.


I brought a real gem of a herbalist book and it's consuming all my reading time at the moment.

 Not much knitting got done watching on DVD a tv series called Hell on Wheels. Oh my our family has enjoyed this tv series. It's probably old news to move folks but as we don't watch a lot of Tv we are often way behind what are good shows.  I can hardly wait for season 4.

Linking up to yarn along

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pets at cottage tails update.

Another set of twin lambs were born this morning.

  I couldn't choose which was the cutest photo so you got both.

WARNING real farm photos coming next.

  And just this afternoon another set of twins were JUST born.

 Mumma sheep hadn't even had time to clean her babies for the photo shoot.

  so that make it four sets of twins so far. And we doubted Tuppy's ability to produce off spring being he was only last years baby ram.


I don't really feel like sharing so will type fast so I don't cry.

Mack is comfortable but fading fast. His lungs are packing up, the vet thinks a tumour you can do tests but why put an old dog through that? He has some medication to keep him comfortable. We are getting lots of little titbits into Mack and he still has his spark.Do you mind if I don't type any more about it? I just don"t feel like talking about it.

Oh I haven't shared one of Jo Moore's photos she took of Mack is going to be a poster for the SPCA
Fancy Mack being a pin up boy. If you get a chance do pop in some food at your local SPCA box/shelter.

Farm Stay Guests....

Bella watching the sheep

Leonardo also way too busy for a photo as he too is watching the sheep

Lordy their dad having a little visit.

Bella was not too pleased to see her dad. Leonardo didn't give a toss. I quickly snapped the photo of happy families and then moved Lordy on his way.

Laura - now I'm not sure if Leonardo and Bella' are Laura's kittens or not - I mucked up my breeding files changing computers so can;t quickly look it up

Cinders on walk about

Maji hunting.....
rabbits! Run rabbit run!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Moon Garden update and a Bush Bath

Can you imagine sitting in a bush bath under the full moon with the stars, surrounded by a moon garden?

The Bush Bath project has begun SQUEAL!!!!! Whoop Whoop.

The wooden surrounds are for the garden out line - small trees with white flowers will be planted for privacy and effect to make a maze like entrance that will border around the bath tub.
 Wacko a blissful outdoor bath heated with a pot belly.

oh Life here is Grand and FUN!

Farm Stay Guests...

Sterling, Omar and Coco went home. After the maid had done the cleaning, Leonardo and Bella moved into the run with the cat flap which means they can be inside or outside. It was terribly hard trying to get Leonardo to stay still for a photo as he sure enjoyed going in and out the cat flap.

shhhh Bella is bird watching - far too busy to eat her mince hence why it is on the shelf so Leonardo didn't eat his and hers too.

Bella and Leonardo have been having rumbles at home. Here they are best of mates - I thought their mum might like to see their tails were nearly touching for proof.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Sunday at Cottage Tails..

Another lamb has been born - and seems to be wearing a mask - soo cute.

SQUEAL up popped another lamb - another set of twins - I LOVE the little lamb with the mask.

Both lambs are fit and healthy - isn't it amazing how they can be born and the same day up and walking up hills.

Last weeks twins will have play mates.

Mack will be booked into visit the vet this week. It has been quite a job getting food into him and his breathing has become laboured. He is happy in himself just old age catching up fast.
We did get some tucker into him last night - he had rump steak, pan fried mince, bacon and cheese. The things you do for an old loved pet.

Farm Stay Guests...

No photos of the cats as I forgot to take my camera down while they all had a manicure. The girls Coco and Bella said quite a few swear words, as did not like their nails clipped at all. The boys thought the pampering was rather nice. It's fun watching the birds when the cats are having a nap, they flock from miles I'm sure. When a cat wakes up the birds go swooosh

Naturopath in training...

Thanks to all who have signed up for the Wellness Plan Workshop I'll just make the boys lunches and then will be emailing you all.Your payment is very much appreciated and will be spent on suggested books for naturopathy learning.  Writing the Wellness Plan  Workshop has helped cement my learning from my studies - so when exam time comes the knowledge should all just flow.
I used to test the kids when homeschooling by asking them to retell something they had learnt. It was a good way to see what the kids had retained and confirmation to me that they did remember.
 I'm really excited and a little nervous to of stepped out of my comfort zone and made my first workshop.
 I would never in my dreams believed at nearly 50 I would be doing anything like this. .
If you want to sign up here are the details.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Final call for Wellness Plan sign up

If you have been meaning to sign up for my first Wellness Plan Online Workshop.

Hurry, hurry as it begins on the next New Moon
26th August 2014
That is this coming Tuesday

The new moon is the perfect time to manifest what you wish to have in your life.
It is a wonderful time to introduce new beginnings, projects and desires.

The Wellness Plan is a workshop that has 8 weekly blog posts
Each week the workshop will cover a topic. Often the topics build on each other which will be delivered via a private workshop blog. The Wellness Plan workshop is an eclectic therapeutic approach with a naturopathy flavor. I am a naturopath in training, currently in the second year of a three year degree.
The goal of the workshop is to encourage positive emotions, thoughts and actions to help you kick start and maintain a state of wellness with the focus of losing weight.
 The workshop topics are:
Tissue salts which may assist weight loss and food cravings
Flower remedies helping you choose which ones you may find helpful including your keynote remedy
Kick start your digestion system
Nourishing food which is not about counting calories
Honour your true self learn your element type
Sleep, Rest and Gratitude including aromatherapy blends.

Principals of the workshop

                        Naturopathy treats the whole person; mind, body and soul
I believe in preventative medicine which is the building and maintenance of health rather than fighting the disease.
My role for this workshop is as a teacher. I will share my knowledge from my naturopathy studies, offer advice, guidance and support you, in you, taking self-responsibility of your health.
Throughout the workshop, please interact with me and your fellow students by leaving comments. I will read every comment and will try to reply to almost all comments every morning.
One thing I ask from you Please take action. Don’t just read the weeks blog post, instead take action. You will notice that this is all I am asking from you and I will repeat this over and over. 

Sometimes we need a little kick start to get back on the path to wellness and this is what this workshop intends to do. It is not a diet. It is a Wellness Plan. It will give you a plan so if you ever fall off the "wagon" just go back to the Wellness Plan and start again or pick up where you fell off. I understand life does get in the way and we are all thrown curve balls where the last thing we all want to do is often think wellness let alone practice it
I often find when something new is being undertaken life throws road blocks at us. We need to stop and cope with whatever as best as we can. This often means we go back to old habits, which are comfortable for us, possibly not the best for us but comfortable.
But with the tools I will be sharing with you, you can just go back to the Wellness Plan and carry on focusing on your health when you are ready
 Necessary details:
You will need a blogger or google account to view the weekly blog posts in the private workshop blog
Email me the email address you use for your blogger account.
Cost is $55.00 payable via paypal
Additional costs – optional but I am sure you may wish to purchase flower remedies, tissue salts and essential oils mentioned in the workshop to try.
A journal to record your progress.
The private blog is open now so you will be all prepared to start on the new moon.

Begins 26th August 2014.
 8 Weekly blog posts 

Come spend two months of wellness with me!

If you have any questions feel free to email me,

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Collect Moments not Things.

I sure wish you could all see the lambs tails going round and round as they tuck into their milk.

Farm Stay Guests...

  Leonardo arrived

  BIG stretch from Leonardo - what a life being tucked up all warm with a hottie on his chair.

Bella kept saying Sterling is looking at me.

Sterling rather liked the look of the new lady cat Bella and did just sit and look at her.

See those ears? Omar knows I'm calling him to try and snap a photo but no way was he looking up from his dinner.

Coco looked up quickly with a smile on her face and a bit of her dinner on her nose.

I had to turn away an 11 year old Devon Rex who wanted to come and stay as we are full. .I would of loved meeting the old fella  - maybe next time.