Monday, 30 June 2014

Quilting and Goats.

I finished quilting the quilt - but gasp I wasn't happy with it so unpicked all of my quilting and today (Monday) I start again. Deadline is Friday as her birthday is on Saturday

Oh and I brought a goat on Saturday (as you do)

She is an orphan and had been hand raised - living inside until she started to climb the book cases.

The other goats pick on her.

After a sleepless night I changed my mind as we are running low on grass and as she is currently strip grazed with two electric cords and she get underneath that I was worried she might get out and eat Brent's natives or my vegetable garden GASP. I've said we won't take her until the fences are finished. Our neighbour has said we can graze our sheep over at their place but the boys need to do some fence work before they go over there.

She might be sold before then....the lady breeds milking goats and she will have new kids from August onwards. Not purebred Nubians, Saane/Nubian cross. She thought I might like a kid of 1 month old and bottle feed


Sunday, 29 June 2014


Matariki symbolises the New Year in Maori customs, but is also known as Pleides
Matariki can be seen on the New Moon after Winter Solstice - so for 2014 that was 28th June

As the norm I'm up early and had hoped to get a photo of Matariki for you all but my camera is not up to it.
Matariki is found low on the horizon in the north east from between approx 5.30am and 6.30am.
What a way to start the day!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Drum & Farm Stay Guests.

My drum arrived in perfect timing for the New Moon

 Russell from Southern Spirit Drums made my drum

It was rather fun as every step of the way he emailed me photos of his progress

  The hoop, goat skin and laces prior to putting it all together.

appreciated Russell's friendly emails and photos of his progress. 

"Over the next few days I will be finishing the hoop and preparing the goat skin for the drum head and laces. Currently the goat hide is being stretched in readiness for this. There after, the skin is shaped for the drum head and the laces for stringing the drum are made ready.
Having grown up with Toggenburgs and weaned on goats milk as a child, plus as a Capricorn, it's probably not surprising to you that one of my spirit guides is the wonderful goat! :))"

Myself also being a Capricorn and a lover of goats no wonder I chose goat hide and Russell to craft my drum. .
 The completed drum drying out.

 Finally dried and ready to play.

We will have a drumming circle at our place soon with a bonfire.
 It won't be as private with all the pine trees gone but it won't take long for the natives to grow.

Farm Stay Guests... 

Jack doing his headstands.

Jack having a little dance (this photo was taken with the movement control set on camera)

Jack talking - I'm gonna miss our conversations when he goes home.

Ahh Jack stood still for one moment.

Rosa wouldn't come and and see me so I poked camera through the cat flap to get this shot.
She has stunning Amber eyes - they are from her father Lordy

Like really why would she come out and see me when she had the best possy and sitting on a nice warm hottie.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Farm Stay Guests and more trees removed.

I am pleased with this photo of Rosa.- Isn't she beautiful

But this one shows her personality - she is rather a smoochie girl if you are on the right side of her that is

I'm so pleased I don't have a web cam in cattery  - as you would of caught me face down on my tummy calling Jack through the cat flap.

"Hello" says Jack

"What ya doing in there" ??? - " Crazy lady"

Jack came in to say hello and then turned around and went straight back out again. You see it was dinner time and Jacks dinner is usually outside. But tonight I tricked them and tried to get their photos first.

I should of done this too for Beau and Sienna - as when I went to snap their photos they had their nose in their dinner - so I left them to eat in peace.

I was a tad worried about the farm stay guests today as big diggers and chain saws were working close by.

One of our neighbours (on the other side) trees was looking a tad hairy with a lean on & heading our way.We agreed it was time to get rid of this tree before it damaged something while the digger was here we removed it.

It could have hit our house or cattery depending on the wind so best to sort it out before something bad happened - A good job done.

 It was terribly exciting watching the tree come down as it got stuck in the branches of the other trees - but the men are pros and TIMBER down she came. All the time I was worrying about the cats and how they were doing with the noise. But I suppose they were all born here and used to the quiet (Not)rural farm life.
 I flew down to check on them and found I worried for nothing as they were all tucked up on a chair with a hottie each and looking rather happy with life.

The fences have to be put back now and then its time to plant more trees. It looks odd and feels odd without the pines and  the birds are quiet too. But it won't take long to come right - We will replant in natives and use trees that are much more manageable than pine trees.

Brent and James cut down 13 trees last year and these men took out another 25 trees this week. We will help the neighbour take out the rest over the next few years. (No hurry now as these are no threat to buildings)

Farm Stay Guest.

We did not have a great photo session last night - with lots of photos taken for their families this one of Jack is the only good one.

It does not help when they perform like Jack - who keeps head bunting and purring. Really all he wanted was pats not sitting still for the family to see how handsome he is. Isn't he funny! - His dad Lordy does all these head bunting moves too.

 Rosa was not impressed with Jack's tom foolery.

Rosa would be sitting all pretty and looking beautiful for her photo when along comes Jack and gets in front of the photo shoot. - Really Jack!

As for Bea and Sienna all they wanted was to rub around our legs and get pats too.

I suppose the photos show they are relaxed and lapping up our pats.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Finally I can say I am in the new norm of making James' lunch for him to take to work. I've had to be super organised to plan ahead lunches for him to take daily that are allergy free and will fill up a working lad. I'm tending to give him left overs from dinner. We normally don't have left overs so I'm cooking more at tea and dishing up lunch then. He took a roast turkey dinner for lunch on Monday and thought that was pretty yummy so did the men in the smoko  room who smelt it...

We needed another trip to Petone to get our water - it is the secret to getting perfect sour dough

and to pick up some wool for Raewyn - Abbey did the draw for me and smiled when it was your name Raewyn, We found out that Holland Road is closed on Monday and Tuesdays (which I think is fine as they are open in the weekends but we didn't think to check hours before we left) so will pop over again for your wool Raewyn in a couple of weeks when we refill our water bottles..

Farm stay Guests...
top left Jack, Jack, Sienna Bottom left Beau, Sienna and Rosa with red blanket

I'm cheating and using some photos that were on my camera as no photos taken Monday

The cats all got another day in the outside runs - the weather is really mild and sunny making it very pleasant to be outside for all of us.

 Rosa n Jack aren't eating their dinner their mum left them - CATS! They are woofing down instead our cat nuts which currently on offer is Hills Science oral care cat nuts. (Jack N Rosa are not hungry they are getting three scoops of nuts morning and night - no wonder they don't want their normal food)

Beau and Sienna are eating everything I offer them and like the oral care cat nuts too.

So I suppose all the cats will be going home with clean teeth - smile.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Winter Solstice

The seasonal wheel turns once again, the shortest day in the Southern hemisphere (longest day in the Northern hemisphere). The shortest day is also known as mid winter, the longest night, Yule, Yuletide, Alban Arthan or Winter Solstice.

It is the time at which the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky due to the tilt of the earth's axis. At noon the sun reaches its lowest altitude. 

As the sun faces the most northern point here in New Zealand, we will receive less heat, so that becomes the Winter Solstice, the shortest day. 

Winter Solstice is the darkest time, it is not the coldest. From now on the days will get gradually longer but the worst of winter is still yet to come. It takes at least three to six weeks after Winter Solstice for the coldest air temperatures for the year to occur, due to the oceans ability to store and release heat.  

As the days get longer . . . the cold grows stronger.

Now the days will get longer, by minutes at first before speeding up closer to the Spring Equinox - Ostara on September 23, when the sun is over the equator.

Our family celebrates each  turn of the wheel and we all look forward to Winter Solstice - treated very much like Yule. We had plans for a bonfire but with the trees being removed we changed our plans and celebrated on Sunday evening with our traditional roast turkey.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Farm Stay Guests

Jack Stayed still long enough to get a photo today - well just for a second or two

Then Rosa popped out the cat door and scratched up the blanket then sat down -
 "I didn't ask you to put that blanket there"  thinks Rosa

A lovely winters day here - Sienna and Beau were out in the run next door today. Sienna does have rather a nice long tail don't you think

She likes to peek in at Jack n Rosa to who the new neighbours are

Beau is rather laid back - he doesn't give a toss about the neighbours