Saturday, 31 May 2014

A new bed and off to the movies.

Abbey has been quite sore of late so we thought a new bed might help

It has so many different layers of specially designed padding 

It may have been a hot price but with Abbey's bargaining skills reduced this down too $1600.00
 Go girl
cash talks

(The valance is in the wash)

The mattress moulds to your body and is very comfortable. Miss Poodle has given it the OK
isn't she soo cute how she just sits on her little quilt at the end of Abbey's bed.

BUT with all the extra padding the quilts Abbey has made for her bed are too short on the sides.

What can a girl do but well plan to make more quilts...


Everything worked out perfect - the sales lady was wonderful, the bed was delivered on time, and a friend picked up the old bed for her boy - she had just decided her lad needed a new bed and put it out there - when the following day by coincidence I texted her asking if she wanted a bed.
Isn't it fun when things happen like that.
All in perfect timing.


Abbey & I zipped off to the movies yesterday at 10.30 am and saw Grace of Monoco.

Photo source pinterest

We both really enjoyed the movie and loved seeing Oliver the poodle.

Grace Kelly with Oliver - photos from pinterest.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Yarn Along

Well Hello there!

Abbey has knitted her first Little Cotton Rabbit

Isn't that little tail just the cutest!

Her shoes will match the dress that is on the needles now.
So next week this little nameless rabbit will be fully clothed.

As she is nameless we thought we would ask blog readers of what they thought her name should be

  Oh my what a fat tummy she has,

 No doubt blog readers will be able to come up with a name that suits the little cotton rabbit.


The Amish Garden.I'm actually really enjoying - it is four short stories "nice" clean gentle stories just what my brain and soul needs with everything that has been going on of late. Each story has a garden theme and I find myself nodding along and longing to get out in my garden. I'm up to the third short story :"Seeds of Love" about heirloom seeds -

I was soo cross this week that due to the trees falling on the barn I missed out on going to Kay Baxter's talk in Wellington - Kay and team are travelling New Zealand raising funds and awareness of our New Zealand heritage seeds - something I am very passionate about.

  Koanga Institute is a Charitable Trust that NEEDS to raise money to keep doing the amazing work they have been doing.

Click here for more information on how you can donate to help save New Zealand's heritage seeds.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The clean up begins

Brent took the day off work yesterday to begin the clean up.
He missed his helper James who usually helps out but now a working lad Brent flew solo

There was quite a lot of storm damage around the area and with the barn not being a house it gets lower priority for an insurance assessor to come out and assess the damage.

Brent removed the tree and put tarps on the roof so at least when it rains no rain can cause any further damage. 

Monday, 26 May 2014


 The boys worked on the Ford - the water hose shot itself the day of James getting his licence - thankfully it happened straight after his test when he got home aye. The boys brought all the parts during the week and got it back on the road on Sunday. James is going to be one handy car fixer like his dad.

We said farewell to Freya. I really hope this is the very last time I have to rehome a pet in my lifetime. So much so that I have stated I will never ever get another animal. - It just hurts to much to do this.
I had lots of people wanting Freya but they were all grilled on the phone and I said no to 10 people... The lady that got Freya is a widow, lost her last burmese 2 years ago and just had a little peek on Trade Me and fell in love with Freya. So Freya went to a a lovely lady who lives on her own, no other cats, dogs or children. They are going to be wonderful company for each other and the best bed buddies. Plus Freya is going to come back to us for holidays.
I was a bit low for most of the Sunday afternoon and I still don't feel like a joy germ- but I know it was for the best and totally amazing to see Cinders much more settled with Freya gone. Freya tormented poor old Cinders.
I packed in her bag her favourite toy, a blanket she has been sitting on so she has our smells, mince and cat food she likes, some Bach flower remedy - Walnut to help adjust to change and rescue remedy which has Star of Bethlehem to help with shock
.I wonder how her first night went?

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

A working dog

Stella loves getting her winter jacket put on as it means work time.

Today it meant time to feed the sheep

The sheep have taken a long time to integrate and still the new sheep will not come when called to be fed treats,

Every morning and night the sheep are called and offered some titbits.

Stella stands guard.pretty amazing especially as she is related to the wolf.

I think the sheep are too well fed as they are very fussy of what they will eat -their noses were turned up to potatoes.

But they love cabbage

All manners are forgotten when cabbage cores are offered.

Don't yea think Stella looks very mod in her working gear?

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Peek a Boo

Just a little peek a boo - I can;'t show you much and that is soo hard for me as I love to share.
 But the owner to be of the quilt reads the blog sometimes and oh how terrible if she got to see it on the blog first don't you think?
The quilt top only has borders to go on and then it is ready to quilt.
The 3am starts are starting to show and I am getting tired. But I have so many things I want to do - there is not enough time to sleep... do you ever feel like that too?

The more things you do, the more you can do.
Lucille Ball

a beautiful autumn day

We are having a beautiful mild autumn, the mornings are pure delight walking down to cattery

The very first bunch of sweet violets for the season were picked for a friend yesterday. picking a bunch of violets takes time - a beautiful way to be totally in the moment. I always feel it is rather special when you are picking flowers from your garden for someone as I pick I'm thinking of the person they are for. A bit like making a quilt for someone - I always think of the person I'm making the quilt for as I sew

Geraldine and Gus

The flowering cherry trees are all changing colour up the driveway -

The neighbours horse and I are becoming good friends

 Plenty of berries for the native birds.

The rhododendron is flowering again - the tree is over 100 years old and was moved with our villa so its rather special.

 Still plenty of grass for the sheep who hopefully are in lamb

about 3 more maple leaves are left on the tree.

Aww this is the life.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Yarn Along

It does seem weird that Abbey is knitting rabbits when I'm a Mrs McGregor and rather have rabbits in a pie than in my garden... But there is something cute about rabbits - I blame it all on Beatrix Potter!
Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits makes the most cutest ever little critters do pop over and read her blog when you get a chance,  The pattern for the rabbits can be found here.

The rabbits tummy and britches are knitted.

The littlest tiny shoe is finished and now the stockings are being knitted.

Does seem terribly funny walking past the lounge table and seeing a  bunny head look up at you out of the knitting basket.


A girlfriend said this was really funny (she listens to audio books too) and oh my this NEEDS to be listened to on audio as Meryl Streep is the narrator and Meryl is pure delight to listen to. Click here to have a sample of Meryl reading to you

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