Friday, 28 February 2014

The new motorway

The new motorway is going in. When outside, we are hearing the distant rumble of diggers and trucks working.

 Standing at top of hill and turning around 180 degrees from first photo - 
We can just see the diggers working in the distance.

 A view from the top of the fence line seen in previous photo. 
The motorway is meant to be going through where the diggers are. 
Apparently it will be behind the hill where the digger is working.

  Gosh I love the zoom on my camera it zooms in rather close aye.

They are taking sand off the top of the hill to use as fill for other areas.

The model of the project shows trees, walkways and cycle tracks on each side of the new motorway. All going well we wont see anything of the finished road from anywhere on our property. Others in the area are not as lucky as us.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Yarn Along

I can show you all the knitting Abbey has been doing for me - a gift to one of my friends who has a little granddaughter.

It's a reversible baby hat - isn't it a darling!!!!  From A Debbie Bliss baby book I can't remember which one but I can ask Abbey if you all want the pattern

 and some darling little socks to match

The Witch of Italy by Suzanne Palmieri  I'm second in line to read this after Abbey. Aren't I lucky that my daughter and I have similar tastes in books -

I love book trailers - such fun!


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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

From Finland

Squeal a parcel from Finland arrived - such pretty stamps!!

I've been following Henriette for years and finally ordered her books

Yes I brought both - she has them in hard copy and also PDF. If you purchase her hard copies she emails you her PDF's so you can start reading before your book arrives in the mail. Such fun!!
But for me there is nothing nicer than holding a real book.

My goldenrod is flowering so I turned to Practical Herbs 2, page 70, to read what Henriette shares.

 All I want to do is sit in the sun and read the books.

 I'm soo pleased I finally got around to buying her books.

HIGHLY recommend them BOTH!

 It is terribly frustrating when orbs keep getting in my photos - like for real move over!

Brent mocks me and says it's mobo jumbo - aka dust on the lens.

Some say clear red orbs can mean high energy - sits well with me as my herb patch buzzes.

What do yea all think? Are you in the dust camp or orb camp?

Oh and pstttt

It was only last night I was saying to girlfriends - na I don't want to get another goat BUT then I saw these little fellas.... like cute aye!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Moon Maiden

Brent buried dear Molly goat under a moon maiden pohutukawa tree.. Quite unusual for a pohututkawa  to be yellow as they are usually red, rather striking isn't it.


Molly is buried on the hill top watching down on the daily happenings.
 Molly was just old. 14 years is old for a goat.Our vet said it was her time and he kindly put her to sleep so she wouldn't have to suffer. She was uncomfortable but not suffering. It's jolly hard at times to be kind isn't it.

I sure loved my old goat - 14 years is a long time to have any animal and like anything the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.

The more you talk to an animal the more an animal talks back.

 I'm gonna miss all my talks with Molly - it seems very quite without her. She was my constant companion while I worked in the vegetable garden - we talked away and she enjoyed the garden titbits.

Goats have huge personalities and are extremely playful as the you tube video shows of a family playing on a metal ribbon.

Our minds have been casting back to when I turned up home with a goat, she was the very first critter to ever arrive here. She has grown up with James and Abbey - gosh they were only 3 and 6 when we got Molly.
We were very green about keeping goats fenced - Molly kept coming up to the house, she ate my washing off the line - hilarious! Broke the new outdoor table from standing on it (warranties don't cover goats standing on outdoor tables) , Molly would even walk into my kitchen. I've been a lucky girl!

Thanks for all the kind emails and comments - Everyone that ever came to our place knew Molly - you got introduced to her whether you liked goats or not. SMILE.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Home Sweet Home

 We’re home  home
 there’s no place like home!

But gee what a difference a week makes, autumn is a coming fast.

The hop flowers have bloomed in a week wow~

I wonder if we can get the pomegranates to maturity?

Driving home seeing rows and rows of sunflowers - just beautiful 

First year ever I've not had sunflowers - the birds ate my seeds... next year I will start the sunflowers off in pots.

After car un packed it was time to go visit all the critters. Cinders cat gave me the best welcome,

Laura snubbed me - she has been busy catching mice and letting them go in our bedroom at 2am I am told. It is an awful feeling knowing a mouse is in your bedroom while you sleep. The mouse trap is set - Stella the poodle found it and got a huge fright when it snapped at her..

The man ram blew kisses

Molly goat wouldn't come up and see me. Soo NOT like her.

Brent went down to check on her. She is not too good at all. She was fine yesterday

Some corn stalks were given from garden to tempt her - she turned her nose up to beans - not like her.
I'm waiting till daylight so I can go and check on my very much favourite goat in the whole wide world. 
I'm feeling very sad. She is old I know that but ....

A wonderful welcome from Mack - he enjoyed seeing Stella too!

Mack has been hanging out with the boys and enjoyed his car ride  taking the old truck's cab to the sandblasters.

Oh I must show you these photos I took this morning before we left the bach, I felt terribly intrusive taking a photo of the neighbours place from where we stayed. But I loved the patchwork barns and house plus

 I really wanted to capture their doberman. (I hope to get another dobie one day)

We thought he was carrying a stick from a distance but with the zoom camera it shows his toy duck - awwww

It's great to be home, thanks for following and all the lovely comments and emails I'll catch up with you all

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

A little treat

ooh la la we had a little treat and went to Petit Paris for breakfast
Don't yea just love the Eiffel Tower for the table number.

Stella the poodle came to the French cafe too!

It was soo worth the sugar high and headaches I had afterwards. Abbey has crashed so maybe she shouldn't of had the treat - she had done soo well all week - we will take our time driving home

 the little petite fours reminds us of the FIAR book Madeline. Such a work of art.

The last day of workshop was awesome learnt soo much . Loved expanding my knowledge of
 After lunch was nutrition which is a real passion of mine and an area I will be blogging madly about when I get home.

I've really enjoyed our stay at New Plymouth and loved the bach so wish we could take this darling cow home - don't yea just love her little heart on top of her head. Brent can I please have her???
 I promise I won't ever ask for a rooster or donkey ever again.

Friday, 21 February 2014

I passed!!!

We have loved staying here, the view is stunning isn't it! The farmer has moved cows up into the top paddock and we were serenaded to sleep with moooing, The early mornings when I've woken up the moreporks are calling it is just pure bliss. My kinda life!

Yesterday at workshop was zone therapy oh my it is wonderful - sooo relaxing I'm gonna love perfecting my technique. I actually personally prefer it over a massage.

Tissue salts are very new to me and fascinating - just looking at someones face I've learnt to tell which tissue salt people are deficient in. I'm off on another Tissue salts course on Monday so looking forward to it. It is going to be something I really use in my naturopath business.

 Aromatherapy class was such fun we got to smell each essential oil and make up a cream

The knowledge I've been absorbing I'm so going to so love sharing and using.

AND I PASSED the massage exam, weren't the tutors wonderful working late to finish their assessments so they could put us students out of our misery. To obtain the certificate in relaxation massage I've now got to massage 12 willing bodies, write up case notes and get a first aid certificate and send in final paper. (I've already passed the theory papers and the practical at workshop phew)

Stella and Abbey went and visited one of our friends mum, Alice who is in her 80's. Stella is the very first dog that has ever been in her house. Abbey loved the visit and hearing how Alice grew up in Scotland a very special visit for them both I am sure.

Abbey has been really good at pacing herself and saving her energy. She's been running the house here doing our washing, meals and during the day some sewing. Listening to her body and resting, which can mean leaving the dishes, not putting away things so with popping out the place was a tad untidy. GASP the bach owner came and did a clean (we had said not to worry we are quite ok with looking after ourselves). Abbey came home to all the dishes done, the load of washing hung out, her bed made and mine too (I love leaving it crumpled really makes me feel like I'm on holiday - the rebel in me) Abbey's room was messier than mine and she was soo embarrassed. UNTIL I said I bet the bach owner thinks Abbey's room is mine as she scored the queen bed and I'm in the children's room with the bunks lol.  I went and thanked the bach owner she said she does it daily for people who stay here and that we were not very messy at all PHEW she likes fluffing up the place for guests. Isn't she wonderful!

Right I better get cracking as Abbey and I are treating ourselves with a little taste of Paris for breakfast at Petit Paris
I sure hope at the nutrition workshop we don't have to share what we had for breakfast this morning.