Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 in review

January Abbey was accepted into Uni as a part time distance learner. However her health just wouldn't oblige and she had to withdraw on medical grounds. She was very lucky and received all her fees back.
It was a friggen blow and disappointment for her. 
On the bright side she searched and contacted a homeopath whose books were firmly closed to new clients but he has taken her on and has been outstandingly wonderful. We have seen small positive changes. 
Our family thanks Michael Dong for taking on Abbey's case - one that has got his head scratching

February we lost our Rory rooster - he was the best rooster in the world - and for over 14 years he was a very big part of my morning routine - I still very much miss hearing a rooster crow.

March saw the old truck have a blat around the section. 2013 was planned to have the truck on the road but life once again got in the way. Hopefully Brent will get some more hours to work on the truck 2014 as we are planning to take it on a road trip to the South Island for our 30th Wedding anniversary in a few years time.

I was feeling pretty low and a friend said you need to just get away for a night or two - so Brent and I did we went and stayed in a tree house

and biked around to the two Pencarrow Light houses.

on the bike back  it was hot, and I started to get very tired, I could feel a bout of whinging coming on - how unbecoming!We had some towels in Brent's backpack, but the togs were in our bag, back at the tree house...

I was sooo hot and over the years Brent has often said lets go skinny dipping ... This time it was my suggestion - In a moment of pure foolishness I suggested we should have a swim, Brent who by this time was very hot and sweaty had no hesitation in finding us a spot and oh my, skinny dipping we went

 OOh la la what fun! 

The trip away was just what I needed, I hadn't shared this with many, only close friends as I had nothing nice to say about the medical world expect some shocking gutter mouth swear words... A specialist had said there was nothing he could do for one of our children and this was going to be life. I just burst into tears in his rooms (not like me). Left feeling there was no hope at all and no help or support in the whole wide world. Looking back, I thank that doctor as it put a fire in my belly. But at the time it rocked my world. 

April..James and I had an amazing chance by pure luck to go with Mark Gee and Chris Helliwell
night sky watching. Two amazing New Zealand photographers. We even made the paper. It was one of my highlights of the year. (That's James and I in the photo awesome aye)

May  Stella turned one (not that I am a dog person) but Stella has brought great joy to the whole family.

June we lost another much loved pet Caro. It's still to sad to talk about it..

July was all about earthquakes being on a train when one hits is pretty scary. The earthquake on 21 July was the worst we have every felt very scary. I was ready to move to Scotland!

Scotland you ask - well that of course is where men wear kilts. (Can hardly wait until Outlander screens) The book is known as Cross Stitch here in NZ

July was the beginning of my Naturopath degree - I'm on a quest to learn more about health since the medical world can't help. I'm loving it even if my brain gets sore from all the study at times and my butt numb from sitting.and the weeds grow faster in garden and the house seems a bit dustier.. fitting everything in can be a balancing act.

August was all about lambs - we had three orphan lambs

 Living in our bathroom (as you do)

bottle feeding the little fellas.

September was all about putting big girl panties on and dealing to the new rooster Prince - he was the nastiest rooster put on this planet. He's put the family off having a rooster ever again. We also dealt with the geese something I don't want to have to do again so will not be raising geese for the pot in any time soon. Trying to live off your land is NOT for the faint hearted.

October I was chosen to be one of Annabel Langbein foodie bloggers.

we had a fun full moon gathering with friends
sampling food made from her book.

James launched his hobby Goblin Guitars and sold his first international guitar to the Blog Tech at October Farm in USA. 
November poor old Mack was attacked by another dog while out walking - It was not a nice experience.

December brought out the craft skills in our kids - Abbey taught herself to free motion quilt 
James built himself a cross bow with  plans to do some serious rabbit hunting.

Plus we had a win in lotto I only ever spend around $6.00 and  take a ticket if the draw is for 7 Million dollars which is the amount I wish to win. Sounds greedy doesn't it - but my secret desire is to be a philanthropist.. Of course some of the winnings we sat down as a family and chose some charities 
Mastiff Breeds Rescue and rehoming 

HUNA - helping you help animals. 

Wellington Free Ambulance

If you enjoy reading our blog and feel inclined to donate to these worthy charities feel free and thank you in advance.

Today we take down the Christmas tree getting all ready for 2014.   (It's ever so bad luck to see the New Year in with it up) 

I have a good feeling about 2014.

See you all next year.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Your not going to blog THAT are you

 Doesn't Molly look embarrassed, I'm sure she would be mortified to know I'm gonna share the happenings on the blog.

 Didn't help that the sheep had all been laughing at her.

Molly may be an old goat of  14 plus years  but she can still deal it to the sheep

 We have more than enough grass (in fact too much - what a great problem to have in summer) But Molly still thought the grass was greener at neighbours and got her head stuck in the barb wire.
With no men folk around Abbey put on her dad's welding gloves and helped Molly out of her fix.

 Comfort food was needed after such an ordeal

Farm stay Guests

The four brothers left today - but not without having a party again first. Can you see the nuts chucked out of the bowl?.  To make up for their mess, I do get a wonderful greeting every morning from them. (Had to take photo through wire as once I walk into cattery they all come running down to see me).
Molly and Bella left today too - but I didn't get a good photo of them. They would of been happy to stay longer as very much at home here.

 The cattery was all cleaned and Pinot was moved into an outside run.
It's been hot and humid with rain today

 Even tho half of the run is under cover Pinot sat in the rain - funny fella.

 oh dear all I seem to get photos of Basil is him eating

 Sammy and Basil liked being in the outdoor run (they kept out of the rain).

Evie was thrilled the boys had moved out of the indoor cattery - she has it all to herself for a few days.

Evie was quite brave and even sat on my knee. Evie was from the SPCA and she took 6 months before she would stop hiding at her place so I feel quite honoured.

A Birthday gal.

My family knows me well - Brent brought me a tui feeder.

 a tui is one of NZ natives birds. This photo is from a blog I enjoy Ordinary Goodness - I hope you don't mind me stealing this photo. (PS I still can't work out how to comment on your blog)

I can hardly wait until I can get a photo like above - photo is taken from The NZ Back Yard Bird feeders website. 

Can you imagine such a sight in winter? Knowing the birds have full tummies.
Photo also from The NZ Back Yard web site where Brent got the tui feeder from.

 It's placed on one of the bean frames so I can have a view from computer and kitchen sink. PLUS the cats will also get a full view. I can hardly wait until a tui comes and visits the feeder.

I'm terribly worried about James giving me a really good trowel, I'm well known for misplacing mine. I sneak snippets of time in the garden so pick up and never put back a garden trowel.. Might have to be a new habit I form. Abbey hoped I wouldn't be offended with her gift as I often plant seeds and then forget where or what I have planted plus never sow in straight lines - oh my to be an organised gardener. Totally love my gifts.


Abbey and I went off to see the movie Philomena, Abbey was a bit worried that it might not be a good day to go and see such a film on my birthday since I was one of the many unwanted babies in the world and adopted out.
 Three months after I was born my natural mother got pregnant again with a different man. She adopted out her son a year later. His birthday is a day before mine. so I was thinking of him too, his story is sadder as our mother married his father and had three more children.

The movie was excellent based on a true story and the book  The Lost Child of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son and A Fifty-Year Search by Martin Sixsmith

Judi Dench HAS to get an Oscar for her role. Without giving too much away to spoil the movie, the nuns are portrayed as evil. It was a time when families shunned unwed pregnant girls and sent them off away from home to have their babies and often the event was never again to be spoken of. 

The families disappointment in the girls and the loss of family pride was often unable to be altered. Resulting in the girls having to carry the guilt and shame and never speaking of the adoption for most of their life. Often never receiving any counseling or unconditional love from their families - the poor girls.

As an adoptee I feel very passionate that it is my right to know by genetic roots. Imagine not knowing your medical history or who you look like all your life.

I searched for my mother when I was 19 years old and it was a time when the NZ Adoption records were closed so was a very hard process. Even today I have limited access to my file with much of the records blanked out. I am pleased I searched and know my roots. My story isn't one of the happy ones and  will make a very scandalous tv drama - sometimes life story's are more unbelievable than fiction.

 I thank my natural mother for not having an abortion - imagine no me.

SPOILER alerts...
After watching the movie I did some research and below are a few links giving a truer collection of events than the movie did.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

The weigh in...

I'm often told by owners that their vet says their cat needs to go on a D I E T..

Often I disagree.

A Burmese/ Mandalay should not be skinny, they are not a Siamese or Oriental. They should feel heavier and be more muscular than they look. When you pick them up they should feel more solid and heavy boned.

For some fun we have done a weigh in for all the boys staying here (It's terribly impolite to talk about a girls weight you know)

Charles - Nearly 11 years old and one handsome fellow who does what he wants when he wants - He is from our first litter of kittens & a solid fellow for his age. 7.1 kg

Ollie - A very solid man cat, with loads of character and a few distinguishing battle scars too. He reminds Brent of a big old lion .  7.5 kg

Muddy - He's built like a tank and feels very solid when you pick him up. 
Muddy is a bit of a stirrer when he's here  7.5kg

Milo - The 4th and youngest fellow of the bunch above. Milo is a young whipper-snapper and often has his brothers on, the occasional cuff on their tails as they walk past or clout on the head if they go under his chair. Milo always pushes the boundaries with his brothers and weighs in at  5.5 kg 

Basil - a very friendly and cruisy boy- nothing seems to phase Basil, he walked straight up to Brent the first time he saw him and started purring . Its very hard to get a good photo of Basil as he's always up to something -7.5 kg

 Sammy - One very good looking Mandalay boy, a very confident and handsome fellow - 6 kg.

Pinot  arrived today -  Another very handsome black Mandalay boy.  This photo is from his last stay, Pinot now has a new fashionable black/brown collar I'll get a photo of him tomorrow. - 7.8 kg

Lord of the Rings Black Rider -  The dad of most of the cats that stay here. Oh My, Lordy is the heaviest of all and a whopping 8 kg. (Those Panther cheeks must weigh 2 kg)
Being an entire cat for most of his life means Lord has had plenty of muscle building testosterone pulsing through his system. 
We are rather proud of our boy and also of all the cats that come back to stay here too. Its nice for owners to know that their cats come from good solid man cat lines.  

PSSST we are no diet camp here. Your cats can eat as much as they like (They are on holiday you know) and may possibly come home heavier than when they arrived. 

You don't need to worry about the D I E T  word for your man cat, they are all supposed to be the big handsome fellows they are.

Disclaimer some photos have been from previous stays - We ran out of time to take photos and do all the weigh ins today