Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Annabel Langbein's new cookbook Essential is out. Brent said "go shout yourself a copy". As Annabel is travelling New Zealand signing her book I popped up and brought a copy and got mine signed. She is as lovely in person as in the media. She shared she is now cooking for family members with different dietary needs and "gets" what it is like. She has made the book very gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly with fab index.

It is hard pleasing everyone and on top of that doing all the different diets....It drives me nuts at times. And is actually quite stressful.

BUT we have seen a big difference in health.  So it is worth it,

I keep sane by having a coffee and treat when I go out with friends. But slowly accepting that might have to stop for me. (not till after Friday and Sunday!). Why is it us mums always look after ourselves last and put others before us?

We really are living in an experimental time re food with GMO's, packaged foods from supermarkets, antibiotics fed to our animal that we eat. Then there is the poor soil from over agricultural farming. Oh and do not get me started on supplements. CRAZY most are synthetic...(a post for another day on these).

Oh if you are interested in such topics sign up for the Koanga Institutes free web class at 2pm tomorrow. Kay Baxter is sharing. I'm all signed in and looking forward to it.

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Farm Stay Guests....

Beau and Sienna are here for three weeks. They have the full cattery to own. Love it how Sienna does the old head bunting that many of my line do.

If you have a friend that is looking for a nice place for their cat to stay do share about us - I currently have room.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Movies, Royalty and Cats

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie A Street Cat Named Bob. It was better than the book in my opinion. Do look out for the cameo appearance at the end of the author James Bowen. Loved the story of Kate meeting Bob - here is the link.

Farm Stay Guests

I am pleased Sheba and Cleo were not put into a communal cattery (I personally  would never put my cat in one). They have found their first time away from home (in nearly 10 years) to be a bit strange. They have enjoyed our visits down to see them and enjoy being petted and snuggle in. I feel they are just settling in well and now it is time for them to go home today.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Books, Knitting, Cats, Sheep....

 Grown & Gathered is a blog and Instagram account I have enjoyed following along. So I was thrilled to read their book.
Is it a lifestyle I would want? Well, maybe when I was younger (If you ask our kids, they have often said they are grateful for their dad.... Who grounds me. They felt if it was not for him we would be living in a bus or commune...)
As for Matt and Lentil... I do not know if I could put so much work into land I do not own and then move on... but they are young.
Totally well worth reading the book and following their journey!

I'm up to the rib shawl collar of my Georgetown Cardi. I actually like rib knitting - With the slow methodical process I tend to get into quite a meditative state.
During my naturopath studies it is often recommended to meditate. But personally, meditation is not for me. I feel terribly guilty sitting when there is ALWAYS something to do. So meditation for me is knitting - I slow down, slow my breath and knit being in the moment without feeling guilty...  I am actually doing something. Weeding also gets me into the meditative zone.

I don't believe there is only one way to do anything.

Farm Stay guests....

Cleo - ebony Mandalay

Sheba - Seal Burmese

I feel extremely privileged to be looking after Sheba and Cleo. They will be 10 years old this year and are cats we have bred here (Laura/Lordy, Cinders/Lordy).
They have never ever been in a cattery. When their family go away friends have looked after them at their own home. So this is quite a BIG thing for these cats (and owners) - (I get that since I have only ever put one cat and one dog in boarding in my whole life)
I always leave the cats to settle in after a big car ride and then let them come out of their carry cage on their own terms when they are ready. I let them smell their new digs and then I go down later to let them meet me.... It works.
They are now settled, not quite moved on from their owners - but I know they are happy and we have had some lovely pats already.

Their view...  By the way thank you for all the ram names sent in... I did leave a comment that James has actually named this ram - Trump due to his orange tinted legs. We are not sure if it is his colouring or if it is pizzle stain. Anyway.... Trump is not up to the job and we will be moving him on.....