Sunday, 7 January 2018

First time out all Year

I'm harvesting every evening for our dinners. So far family members are not sick of fresh beans each night. We all love them. And we have cucumbers galore - huge success! And now apple cucumbers yum yum

Yesterday was the first day I had been out all year. Family members were hinting there was not much food... Well there is plenty for breakfast, lunch and dinner but as I do not snack in between meals I did not see it as a problem. I snapped some photos of food we are getting for free from off the land. And ours are organic so would be a lot dearer than these prices if I had to buy at the organic shops.

 I've been enjoying my days going deeper into study.

My word for the year is 
Deeper learning, Deeper healing, Deeper joy.

Do you do a word of the year?

NB not ironed yet
And I've been doing applique and patchwork, Oh my such joy!! I do enjoy a Staycation holiday.

 I got 17 yes 17 movie tickets from my birthday and Christmas, My family know me well!

I got taken to see the Greatest Showman.

Before you go and see it watch this!

Very Awesome aye!!

Farm Stay Guests...
I post daily a little video onto the Farm Stay for Cats Facebook page, but one family does not have Facebook. So I'll try and blog a bit more often so they can see their puddy tats.

I've nearly a full house with Pancho, Bella, Molly, Merlin, Charles, Milo, Muddy and then of course my own cats Lordy, Laura, Cinders and Maji


Hope your first week of 2018 has been wonderful too!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Welcome 2018

 Wacko What a year 2018 is promising to be for me - fab spread for the year. YIPPIE!!!

I've used Joanne Colbert's New Year Spread for many years - she has shared on her Instagram how to do this spread and what the layout of the cards means if you want to have a go. I own her Gaian Tarot deck, but I always tend to pick up my trusty old Rider-Waite deck I've had since I was 18.

 First harvest for 2018 from my garden and orchard. Plums galore - very early this year no doubt from the dry conditions. Beans, zucchini, silverbeet, and another thinning of the carrots. Plus garlic and rosemary from the herb patch all served with a leg of lamb off our land.

 I wondered if any potatoes were ready and dug up these tiny little ones.

Brent arrived back home from New Plymouth. our best man has been over from Scotland and they have been catching up. It felt so weird not seeing Brent New Years morning - first time in our married life we have not been together to see a New Year in.

The above photo was taken last year (LOL A few days ago) The boys cracked the bottle of whiskey that Brent has had for over 30 years. He brought it way back then when he was going to rebuild his pick up truck with the plan the two of them would drink it when the truck was going. It got cracked and both enjoyed a wee sip and said it was mighty fine whiskey as over 50 years old.

I was able to sneak some sewing time in - Oh how I have missed sewing. I am a much better sewer than knitter. BUT I have nearly finished knitting my very first ever sock... maybe today it will be finished.

Farm Stay Guests

I've been putting videos daily up on the Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats Facebook page. December I learnt how to use Youtube so put a wee video together of me going down to feed the guests last night. Poor Merlin had not settled - but I'm not worried he does this each visit - by today or tomorrow he will be relaxed.

Hope Day one of 2018 was also brillant for you too.

Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 was

January Louie began Canine Good Citizen and in December was awarded Foundation and Bronze level. He still is the most unfocused less wanting to please doberman we have had. But he is getting better every month.

February I finished my Naturopath studies and qualified. I've had a gap year which is quickly coming to an end. I studied naturopathy to help family members and it has that indeed.

March the new ram arrived - Trump. the laziest ram ever and we really did not think he was up to the job.

April a NZ Falcon came to visit and sat on the barn roof - huge buzz.

May, Brent went on his own to a Hot Rod run as I chickened out as there were no windows in the truck. The truck now has windows and even a door lock. I no longer have to have a screwdriver in my handbag to lock and unlock the truck.

June, I got a new car which is called the Dobbar Bus.

July, James turned 21 - a birthday surprise party had to be cancelled as he had the flu and was very unwell. Sucky aye.
August was all about lambing, one of the worst seasons with lamb losses ever.

 August was also an awful month. As Brene Brown states in Braving the Wilderness " .. "So many of us are great at offering help, but pretty lousy at asking for help." I was caught off guard in a weak moment and did share and said I needed help. To have my trust and vulnerability betrayed hurt me to the core.  I love Brene Brown's acronym for Braving.

September brought pheasants to the land.

September also brought another shattering blow emotionally from extended family. Oh the hurt!

October, Brent and I snuck away for a break to Featherston.

And the universe kept throwing hurts at me. Finally I crumbled But I thank again Brene Brown's books her teachings are amazing. So are New Zealand First Light Flower Essences. 

November harvesting from my garden began again. - Such joy!

December was a wonderful month, a trip to New Plymouth to see Cat Stevens which I loved.

I've been having such fun December traveling the world with my friend Pam who has been taking me along places as a flat Stanley.

2017 was a year of endings, boundaries and through it I've come out of the year stronger.
But I am soo ready for 2018.

Thanks to all who have kept in contact this year with comments on blog and love hearts on Instagram. My blog posts have been limited mainly due to what has been going on in my personal life. But I've kept up taking a photo a day and a video a day on Instagram - my daily gratitude journal really. There is always something to be thankful for.

Wishing you all a fab 2018 xxx