Thursday, 8 December 2016

Proud, chuffed and embarrassed.

 Oh my goodness!!! Abbey our daughter was one of the knitting designers that were chosen for the
My Favourite Things collection by Little Skein in the Big Wool

I have seen the collection booklet and oh my it is amazing. There is of course Abbey's Edelweiss fingerless mitts I will knit. A cowl and another pair of mitts that I have my eye on.

I laughed and laughed plus got a tad embarrassed of how Abbey shared how she learnt to knit which is featured in her write up about her. 

I'm really chuffed that Abbey's design was featured. And extremely impressed with the collection. Click here to view it... and the goat progress keepers squeal! Must have, Must have!

Monday, 5 December 2016


I never knew there was such a thing as Blogmass.
It's where you are meant to blog everyday in December.
I will not be. Not sure if you noticed or not but I take a break of blogging when there is no farm stay guests.
So I'll be back in blog land December 14th when the first guests arrive for the holiday period.

I am playing over on Instagram - doing Susannah Conway's December Reflections 2016  trying to see if I can do a whole month of her photo a day challenge (In the past I never keep it up so there may be no hope for me).

Come on over and visit my Instagram Account until I'm back.

Oh and there is also a thing called Vlogmass. Where people vlog everyday in December.

Such a fun idea especially vlogging about your Christmas Wish List.. This made me laugh!

I'll leave you with David and Bing and see you again on the 14th December or over on Instagram 

Saturday, 3 December 2016


 The family are being so supportive doing some of my chores so I can push. push, push hard to get my very last assignment in to be marked. To be honest I am really tired but just over two  months to go I hopefully will be a qualified naturopath, There is no room  to slow down as those months will be swotting for exams. It's terribly scary to be sitting exams - something I haven't done since I was 15 years old.
Abbey and Brent have been cooking the  meals. Abbey made  a yummy dairy free, gluten free lunch - roast pork belly, spinach and parsnip three ways - puree roasted, candied in maple syrup parsnip. It was Soo YUM!!

Farm Stay Guest.

Pinot is feeling a bit embarrassed. Abbey was playing with Pinot and his feather wand. Pinot got all kittenish and next minute... he fell into his rather large freshly filled water bowl and got soaking wet.
He has enjoyed his stay - what with being spoilt having the full run of the joint being the only cat here. How will he understand at his next visit that he can not have such freedom of the cattery space.