Saturday, 15 July 2017


 Two fires roaring to heat the old villa, coats hanging over railing to dry - it is winter here in New Zealand

 Snow on the Tararuas  today

Kingston Tunic 

Gosh it was May since I last blogged and 5 months into my gap year.... I can't honestly say what I've been up to.... Looking after family (and I'm thrilled to say some fab progress has been happening!), decluttering and selling my homeschooling books and study books... still more to sort through.

Oh I got a new car - which is called Kenny G or Kimmie but in reality is called the dober van as it carries Louie the Doberman around.

Louie has been quite a problem. First off I am a cat person not a dog person. But Louie is sooo needy. He barks if left alone. And frankly I've been really struggling with such a velcro dog. We had a dog behaviourist out and she helped. A few new things have been put in place and I am coping a little better with him. Louie and I are trying to bond  - ok I am trying to bond better with Louie, Louie just wants to be with me ALL the time. Something I am not used to from a dog. I'm even now training Louie for competitions.... Bit of a laugh as I have never done anything like it before in my life, I'm pleased to say - Louie and I were not the worst at the seminar we went to. But we are the bottom of the class that we attend each week. We are working hard to get into a higher level of  a training group.

Abbey has got me organised on a  Facebook Group where I now upload videos daily of the cats staying at Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats  instead of blogging. It is so much easier - and my videoing is getting better. Feel free to join the group if you would like to follow the cats that stay. Feel free to share with your friends if they are looking for a cattery. (many thanks to the lovely people who have been telling their friends about us)

Not much gardening has been done... but come spring time that will change. There are little hints of spring daily in the garden which bring me great joy.

I've been enjoying knitting, listening to audio books, going to movies and watching some fab shows on TV - rather decadent lifestyle aye,

I'm hooked on the TV show Good behavior - it has Lady Mary from Downton Abbey and she is soo good! I find I can't knit and watch it - as there are so many surprises. It's a little shocking (I get shocked easily) but terribly good. We get it in New Zealand on Neon. Have you seen it?

I enjoyed Wonder on audio and very much looking forward to it coming out at the movies - they have the characters perfect. A wonderful book for children to read!

I'm currently listening to Bear Town (same author as A Man called Ove). It is touching on some tough topics, but so far tastefully written. I've not finished it yet, but so far I would have made it a book that was to be read and studied in homeschooling (senior years)

I'll try and get back into blogging...

I've been pretty good at putting a photo a day up on Instagram - which is a bit of a sneek peek into my days.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cottage Tails Podcast - Episode one

I so enjoy other people's Podcasts/Vlogs and often watch them while folding the washing, ironing, or sitting down after lunch with a cuppa while I do some knitting.

SO I've decided to have a go....

I hope you enjoy it with a cuppa or while doing the ironing... 

Let me know what you think and if you want another.
If you did enjoy it, give it a thumbs up and click subscribe.

Show Notes 

  • Cup - Emma Bridgewater   Purchased from John Lewis. This was a Mother's Day gift and imported into New Zealand. We so need a supplier in New Zealand! 

  • Planting by the Moon - in the Southern Hemisphere, garlic is best planted from the Full Moon to Waxing Moon. On Friday is the New Moon so I'm going to wait until June this year to plant my garlic. Traditionally garlic is planted on the Shortest Day and harvested on the Longest Day. Usually I plant my garlic in May ---- so we will see what kind of harvest I get this year.
  • Bach remedy
- Mimulus. Mimulus is used for known fear. Eg my fear of earthquakes (gosh I hate them), or any other fear you can label eg fear of flying, dogs etc.....

-Rock Rose is the remedy to reach for for absolute terror. Eg if lots of aftershocks happen Rock Rose can help assist keep a person scared of earthquakes calmer.


The projects can be found on my Ravelry Page

Hat-  Pattern is Treehouse Hat ,
         Wool is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter colour Tent. 
          Purchased (gift) from Holland Road Yarns 

Shawl - Pattern is Pure Joy 
             Wool is 100% lambs wool hand dyed by Ruataniwhadye Studio
             One skein purchased direct from dyer and other skein from Holland Road Yarns (gift)

Cardi - Pattern is Georgetown Cardi
            Wool is NZ = 45% polwarth, 45% alpaca, 10% possum  by Outlaw Yarn in their Bohemia                    worsted - Royal colour.
             Purchased from Holland Road Yarns 

Jumper - Pattern Kingston Tunic
              Wool - organic 100% merino 10 Ply in Chocolate
               Purchased from Briar Patch 
  • Listening on Audio

which is coming out as a movie.

Huge love and  thanks to Abbey, our daughter for helping me with all the techno stuff .

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A rather random blog update

 Brent on one of the Sunday drives with the hot rod club. I didn't go as he has yet to put windows in the doors so a tad chilly zooming along the highway at this time of the year - I'm a bit soft aye!
He only has the windows to go in, locks on the doors and something for the speedo to go.
 Marty - following along in his car (sorry forget what type)
 I spy Marty's and Brent's car/truck amongst the other cars that turned up

 Today I begin the cast off of the Pure Joy shawl - it has been an enjoyable knit. I'm looking forward to wearing it... it is COLD and Wet here.

Gosh I LOVED Britt-Marie was Here, It even made me reorganise my cutlery draw. Have you read/listened to it?

 The last of the nuts are near - walnuts have finished and now the almonds.

 Mack and Stella at the beach on Mother's Day

Louie has another Doggie Diploma - he has passed grade two. (But he still barks - oh he is ever so naughty at this... and shreds his bedding).

I'm so out of routine with blogging... I think it is because I use my phone for a camera and upload a photo to Instagram and Facebook each day.

Plus when I have thought ok I'll blog today the weather is nice and I've been getting outside early in my garden.

Brent  brought me some cocoa husks to mulch the rose garden, as I thought I wanted them. Oh my goodness when first put on it smelt like I was in a chocolate factory. I could have rolled in it. But I do not think I will use it again, as it rots down it goes mouldy and does not look very pretty. The photo is of it just put on.

Totally enjoying having the time to make some tinctures up. I'm setting up my apothecary - one step to getting into business.

I keep getting emails when will I be open - I knew after the workload from study I was a tad burnt out and felt I needed to have 3 months before I thought of setting up shop.(three months has gone GASP) A friend said she thought I would need 6 months and Brent said take a gap year. So a year off it is.

For Mother's Day I picked Trolls to watch on DVD. My adult children and their dad rolled their eyes at my choice. But we all laughed and really enjoyed it. Totally worth getting out for an easy watch. I'm such a big kid!